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Rocking Star Yash Vs King Khan Shah Rukh Khan??

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THESE Directors Are The Real KOTYADIPATIs of Namma Kannada Film Industry


Usually, we acclaim and love heroes which we see onscreen. But, none ponders the actual hero, who buckles down day and night for the betterment of a film. Yes, we're discussing the man impulse we call as Skipper Of The Ship, and he is none other than the Director. He is the maker. He knows each moment thing that makes people glad. On the off chance that the movie does great business in the box-office, most of the credit must be given to the Director, unfortunately it isn't happening in the present scenario.

With regards to Sandalwood, when contrasted with neighboring industries, our audiences don't give much significance to our directors. Just a portion of the Directors of Sandalwood have star-level popularity. Like Tollywood, a portion of the Sandalwood directors have the ability to convey audiences to theaters just by their names. Just a couple of directors have made movies that crossed half a billion at the B.O.

However, here's a rundown of direct…

Here Are 11 Promising Debutants of 2017-18 Who Made A Mark In Kannada Cinema!


There is obviously no shortage for talents in the kannada film industry and more over the industry has held and nurtured the new talents that enter into the industry every year. Even the audience have done their part by recognising their talents and upholding their fame. But its never easy as that for any debutants, one mistake and they could be thrown back down from where it may be really difficult for them to stand back, this is the fear that every debutant faces. But a few still manage to make a mark in the industry beside all these fears and difficulties.

Here is the list of few such new talents that debuted into the industry and made a mark in the industry.

Manish Rishi (Actor)

This actor who had been doing small roles in serials got a big break through when Simple Suni decided to cast him as the main lead in his film “Operation Allamelamma”, and Rishi did not disappoint Suni and did a great job in the film. His acting was critically acclaimed and was immediate…

15 Sandalwood Actresses Whom We Are Crushing On Currently

By: Sharath ByloliWe all have had our part of crushes where ever we went, be it in our neighbourhood, our school or our college. Well, we do continue to have even now, be it you are single or you are committed but having crushes is a integral part of our lives right?… haha, I was kidding. You had crush on your neighbour or your classmates or not but you ought to have crush on our beautiful sandalwood actresses. You cant just help, resisting yourselves without having one. Here we have listed the Top 15 Sandalwood Actresses on whom we all have had crush in recent times. Rashmika Mandanna 
The serious senior who entered into our lives through kirik party with her versatile acting she just stole all our heart and has also been a proud owner of the title “Karunada Crush” and that says that all. 
Ashika Ranganath
The new girl in the town and she is already taking the industry by fire. Debuted for a short role in Mugulunage and there was no stopping her after that. Her new song “chutu chutu” fr…

Upcoming Movies That Have The Potential To Change The Way We Look At Kannada Cinema

BY: SHRAMAN JAINThere was a time in Kannada film industry when the other film industries including Bollywood turned towards us, the golden era we can call. But soon the filmmakers were bit with bug of commercialising the films and somewhere we saw the decline in the quality of content. I don’t say that “no” good films were made, but the number gradually decreased. But luckily from the last half a decade or so, we saw a drastic change in the quality and a hunger for content films. By: Sharath Byloli
Rangitaranga, Godi Banna Sadarana Mykattu, Ulidavaru Kandanthe, U-Turn are a few of the many examples we have today and these type of films are changing the way we see the Kannada film industry. Here are a few such upcoming films that will change the way we see Sandalwood ! 
1. Avane Srimannarayana The film staring Rakshith Shetty, Directed by a newbie Sachin and is written by the kirik party fame Rakshith Shetty and the seven odds is surely going to bring a new wave the kannada film indust…

11 Kick Ass Movies Of Kiccha Sudeepa That Prove He Is The Real Trend Setter

By: Sharath ByloliMany actors may come and go in the Kannada film industry but a very few of them will manage to stay in the hearts of the people forever, and one such personality is our own “Kichcha Sudeep”. Sudeep is no doubt one of the most talented actors in the industry and his fans given name “Abhinaya Chakravarthy” ( King of Acting ) says it all. Today, we are going to tell you about the movies that transformed Sudeep Sanjeev into Abhinaya Chakravarthy.
Here are the Top 11 movies that defined Abhinaya Chakravarthy and the films are in order starting from sudeep’s career, we have not rated any movies as we feel that fans have their own films in their hearts to define their super star.
1. Sparsha
Even though the film did not make much in the box office, but this film will always have a special place as this is the film that introduced sudeep into kannada industry as hero.2. Huchcha
The film that gave the first break to Sudeep and the first film to bring him his own fan base in the in…