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Aravinnd Iyer’s exit paves way for Rakshit to be the lead of Charlie 777

When Charlie 777 was announced, the film generated quite a buzz as the stills accompanying it were an instant hit among movie buffs. Featuring actor Aravinnd Iyer and a Labrador posing against various backdrops, the pictures set the right tone for the film’s launch. But early last month, news came in that Aravinnd was no longer part of the project, having chosen to opt out of it. Speculation was rife then about who would replace him. As it turns out, actor Rakshit Shetty, who is also backing the film, has taken on the lead role. But with such fanfare surrounding the film, what led to Aravinnd’s exit? “Aravinnd has a couple of commitments in hand and had to make time for those along with Charlie 777. It would have been unfair to ask him to hold on for our sake, so it was cordially arrived upon that he’d move on to honour his other commitments.   

short by: Pawanraj/read more at TOI