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Mr Moily also countered charges by BJP that money provided by centre was not reaching people

Veteran Congress leader and former Karnataka chief minister Veerappa Moily totally denied any embarrassment caused to the Congress by the arrest of the son of a Congress legislator for assaulting another man. Mr Moily told NDTV, "No (there was no embarrasment) it has been dealt with accordingly with the law. I don't think he has been spared just because he's the son of a MLA of the Congress party. Nobody will be spared". Veerappa Moily denied any charges that NA Haris, the MLA, or the Congress party intervened in the case - despite the fact that Mohammed Nalapad Haris only surrendered before the police over 36 hours after the crime.

short by: Nishan Puthran/read more at NDTV