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EXCLUSIVE! Naveen Shankar Opens Up About His Debut Film

Interviewer: Vinayak Naik | Editor: Vikyath Kamath

As his big screen release is just around the corner,  Naveen Shankar, lead actor of the cyber crime thriller Gultoo sits down to have a chat from his journey as an actor to his future goals.

Tell us a little about your story that brought you in KFI

I was an engineering student when the acting bug sting me. I was so involved in this profession that I had to take that major decision and drop out of college for good. Like every struggling artist, I had to do various auditions, work in TV shows and short films and wait patiently for the right script to finally land with a film like Gultoo. It has been hell of a roller coaster.

How do you describe your relation with Janardhan Chikkanna?

He has been one of the closest persons in the industry for me. He's like that friend who feels more like a family. He has been my go-to guide for all my major decisions like leaving the college, leaving the job. He has also been one of my biggest motivators. I attribute my success to him and I am so glad to work with him on such a special film today.

Who are your inspirations in acting?

Shankar Nag, without a doubt, has been the biggest influence of my career. I admire him a lot.

Your dream director's list includes..

It's a tricky question for me as I would focus more on the script and my compatibility with the role than working with directors just because you admire them. But there are directors whose work I have immensely loved. In KFi it's Puttanna Kanagal and in Bollywood it's Anurag Kashyap.

What does "Gultoo" stand for you?

To answer that, I may have to give some spoilers about the movie. Which I won't do! I would say - watch in theaters !

Finally, Pre-release making you nervous?

[Laughs] It should, right? But I am very proud and confident about our movie. So we just have our fingers crossed.

Gultoo releases on 30th March