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What’s the reason behind Sridevi’s sister Srilatha’s silence over the actress’ death?

On February 24, India’s first female superstar Sridevi passed away in Dubai and her untimely demise engulfed the entire nation in grief. It's been about two weeks since her tragic demise and the Kapoor family is slowly trying to get back to their routines. 

But, there is a strange thing that you might have missed, i.e., amidst this Sridevi's sister, Srilatha was not seen anywhere in the picture and continues to maintain a deafening silence.

While we wonder why she has been conspicuously silent, a source informed the real reason behind it claiming that she has apparently been asked to not speak on the issue. 
“Srilatha has been asked to remain quiet and out of the picture. We don’t know why. We’ve also heard that Srilatha and her husband Satish will be given ownership of Sridevi’s bungalow in Chennai,” a source close to the Kapoor family told a leading daily.

short by Shraman Jain / more at India TV

Image Courtesy - India TV