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10 Of The Most Haunted Places In Bengaluru That Will Surely Give You Goosebumps!

The traffic isn't the main thing that bad dreams are made of the city like Bengaluru. There are anxious spirits run wild piece of it. Here we've unveiled a couple of haunting places that you can discover in and around Bengaluru. So, Bengalureans, read this article at your own particular risk!

1. Terra Vera, St. Mark's Road

Terra Vera was a house close to St. Mark's road, which was owned by two sisters till 2002. It is said that one of the sister was killed and burried inside the house. From that point forward, individuals are hearing piano sound drawing closer from the house. Individuals likewise say that, the temperature inside the house continues changing, particularly in the room where the woman was executed and burried. Moreover, none can click any photos inside the house in light of the fact that, it is possible that they lose their camera. In the event that they some way or another tap the photos, the memory card consequently gets erased.

2. Kalpalli Cemetery

A cemetery is where life and demise meet up. Cemeteries are spooky and home to eager souls. Individuals who go there have encountered high breeze, which influences a man to feel choked. Individuals have seen somebody crying and remaining at/close to the burial ground, abruptly vanishes when somebody approaches towards them.

3. NH4 

Highways and ghosts go together, always hand in hand! Individuals say that a beautiful young lady dressed in white once approached a bystander for a lift around midnight. He pivoted to ask the young lady where she needed to go and shockingly, she was absent. The amazement showed signs of improvement when she re-showed up and began giggling madly. The poor man got out and kept running for his life and slammed into a compound divider and injured himself. So,  be very careful while you travel on NH4.

4. Victoria Hospital

Staff in Victoria hospital say that, they frequently encounter somebody tailing them, taking their food parcels, tea and so forth.. While it may appear to be entertaining, maybe, an excursion here amid the night may very well be sufficiently spooky to influence you to suspect something.

5. Divanarapalya Main Road

As there is a cemetery around there, it is said that individuals who meet with accidents here will lead into a major inconvenience. Individuals say that they have seen somebody crossing streets in the late night with an alternate clothing. When two friends who met with an accident here, sadly one lost his life on spot. After the occurrence, occupants living close-by have said that, they saw the individual who lost his life cautioning his friend that he would definitely end his life. So spooky right?

6. Kempegowda International Airport

One of the busiest places in the city, the Kempegowda International Airport, has its fair share of scary stories. The airport turned into all the rage when a pilot saw a woman in a white sari on the runway and requested that airport staff to help her. Be that as it may, when they came to there, the woman vanished. This isn't the main time this happened. Airport staff asserted that they saw the lady again in different parts of the airport also like the freight working, almost one of the elevators and the stopping narrows. 

7. The Big Banyan Tree

The big banyan tree is 30kms far from Bengaluru. Hindu folklore tells that the souls will discover its place in these sorts of trees. Individuals who remain close-by the tree tells that, they hear a couple of talking over yonder in the late night. Few students who had been here to enjoy, have encountered as somebody was attempting to chat with them and even endeavoring to assault them.

8. Whitefield

Whitefield, which is the IT hub of Bengaluru has encountered a considerable measure of apparition stories. There are a considerable measure of staff in numerous companies say that they have seen chairs moving without anyone else's input, somebody halting the vehicle, somebody crossing the street amid the movement of buses, and so on.

9. Call center In MG Road 

A call center in MG road is obviously said to encounter haunting soul of a lady who worked here. The lady was slaughtered by a flushed driver who fled the scene after the incident. The young lady is seen frequently amid the shift time near the office or around the office. People have noticed her appearance once in a while.

10. Nandi Hills

Nandi hills, which is 60kms far from Bengaluru has encountered a considerable measure of spiritual perspectives. Individuals tend to state that they have seen a man with white dress moving in the slopes or in the course of the slopes. It's a standout amongst the most spooky place around Bengaluru.

Next time you go by any of these spots, don't be shocked in the event that you hear dreadful clamors or see something unusual.