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10 Funniest Name Of Indian Railway Station That Will Make Your Day!

A train journey can be fun and the fun is triggered to a double level when you are travelling with your friends. Well, this time if you are planning to travel by train, then you should definitely check out the name of these stations with funny names!!

1. Kala Bakra

Place: Jalandhar, Punjab

ಬಕ್ರಾ... ಬಕ್ರಾ... 😂😂

2. IB

Place: Orissa

Commerce students might be thinking that it's International business! No, it’s the railway station name located in Orissa.

3. Digha

Place: West Bengal

I remember a Hindi song, Dam dam, Digha Digha Mausam bhiga bhiga. 

4. Tung

Place: Darjeeling

Does it ring a bell!!?

5. Venkatanarasimharajuvaripeta

Place: Andhra Pradesh

Try to spell it in one go!

6. Lotte Golla Halli

Place: Bangalore

Lotte. Gol.. wait, WHAT?

7. Singapur Road 

Place: Orissa

Why do you waste money on tickets to fly to Singapore? Just visit here!

8. Divine Nagar

Place: Kerala

Take a deep breath.

9. Chinchpokli

Place: Mumbai

What’s that, CHIN CHAN..??


Place: Uttar Pradesh

Sounds like a cluster of words.