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Indian saint Agastya discovered THIS, much before modern science even existed!

It is not a new thing when we say that there are a lot of inventions that were done by our sages way back about 2000-4000 years back, but the credit of it is being taken by the other scientists of recent times. For example, the Pythagoras theorem was said to used by Sankaracharya way long back but the credits were taken by someone else.

One such documentation has come into light in the recent researches, according to our modern history the dry electric battery was invented by Meiji Era in 1887, but Agasthya Samhitha which is said to 4000 years old has something else to say.

In 1924 a manuscript was found in the royal library of Ujjain called the Agasthya Samhitha. It was said to be about 4000 years old and written by the Sage Agasthya himself.

This manuscript consisted of many inventions such as the steamships, locomotives and flying instruments. One such invention was about the dry electric battery.

Dr Varam R Kokatnur studied the last pages of the manuscript and presented it in front of the American chemical society and the panel was stunned about the documentation that was about 4000 years ahead and we did not know about until the 19th century.

On March 31st, 2016, Author and Researcher David Childress along with professor Dr Micheal Dennin conducted the same experiment mentioned in the manuscript and were astonished to find out that this battery could generate the power required to lift about 200 pounds of weight into the air.

When we study about these inventions, questions also arise about the underground city of the Mt. Kailash and much other such documentation.

There are many such inventions that were invented by our Sages but they still remain in those manuscripts as we Indians are busy searching colleges abroad for our education.

The day we turn towards our own history, maybe the answer to our questions could be found.