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“Kattu Kathe” Movie Review By FiLMiBEE

Critic's Rating: 3.25/5

Firstly, most importantly after watching the second half, I frankly couldn't believe that It was Raj Praveen’s directorial debut movie. 

For a better horror, thriller movie, story is the main foundation on which the director should directly focus. And this movie has an excellent story which would beautifully accompany the narration. However, story and direction hides such flaws.

The concept of comedy in a horror or suspense thriller movie is difficult to add up. But with an idea of 'partly deaf’ of a character “Ramu” gives an essence of comedy.

The director has planned to segregate two halves with a unique idea. The first half all about “Ramu’s deafness” and some songs. But in the second half, it's extraordinary. After the entry of “Rajesh,” a senior actor, the story got a spark of thrillness and curiousness.

The songs directed by Vikram Subramanya are wonderful. The male lead role “Ramu” by Surya Kundapur, was a better one, both as a deaf and as a silent lover. Similarly, female lead role by Swathi konde also attracts our attention. 

However, the movie comprises almost all the genres and is very much suitable to watch with your family.