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Watch "Kattu Kathe" Kannada Movie! If you don't like the movie, get back your MONEY! Wait, What??

How many times have you regretted for watching a wrong movie? How many times have you walked out of the theatre thinking that it was a total waste of your time and money?. Well!! We can't get back your precious time back (nobody can 😉), however we can promise to get back your money now, isn't that amazing?

Well, the makers of the Kannada movie "Kattu Kathe" have a put an open challenge for thier Audience. If you don't like the movie after watching it, then they are ready to pay back your ticket amount.

How amazing is that? You watch a movie, you like it? Great, good movies are rare to find these days and you have watched a great one. Congrats!!

Didn't like the movie? Well, you get back your money,Congrats on that too. Anyway in both the cases you are the winner. If the makers are that confident, then I bet the movie should be a awsome one.

Then what are you waiting for??

Go book your tickets with your friends and family for the movie "Kattu Kathe" now!!!