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What If... Kannada TV Shows And Serials Had Honest Taglines That Perfectly Suit Them!

By: Sharath Byloli | Editor-In-Chief: Shraman Jain

What would it be without our endless Kannada TV shows or serials that keep playing on our TV throughout our coffee time till we sleep?

Be it our mother, father, sisters or our grandparents, someone or the other will be glued tv to watch some of these.

We have come up with some funny, honest taglines to some of these TV shows, it's just humour and we request you to take it the same way.

Bigg Boss - "TRP'inda, TRP'gaagi, TRP'goskara"

The most popular TV show in Karnataka and the most watched is all about a bunch of people gossiping about each other and doing some tasks.

Maja Talkies - "Nakre Nagi, Bitre Bidi"

With all the hosts trying to awe the audience with their sense of humour, sometimes it becomes so obvious that there isn't much comedy left in thier jokes. well I said just "some" of their jokes.

Agnisakshi - "First Night Aagada Baalu, Yaaru Keloru Siddartha'na Golu"

The makers of this epic serial itself are more confused about the relationships of their characters than the audience.

Puttagowri Maduve- "Man vs Wild 2.O"

Well, the makers are always into fighting with tigers or snakes, I wonder they start a discovery channel in Kannada next.

Shantam Paapam - "Crime Nimdu, Idea Namdu"

We were all fan of Crime Dairy which was broadcasted late night, this is similar to it, except the stories they show are made up and aren't real.

Amrutha Varshini - "The Sisters From Parallel Universe"

Varsha is always bad and does wrong, Amrutha is always right and makes everything right. This basically sums up the plot of the serial.

Big Bulletin (Public TV) - "Alright, Mundukk-hogona"

Have just wondered the plight of the anchor who sits opposite to Ranganath in big Bulletin, I just pity them guys, I just pity them.

Pyate Hudgir Halli Lifu - "Idu Akul Balaji Kote Kano"

This show is all about bringing a bunch of city girls into a village and show them what it is to live in a village. Yet, 70% of Indian population live in villages, irony I must say.

Drama Juniors - "Makkale Namma Aasthi (TRP)"

One of the most sensible shows which shows genuine acting, even though it is hard to see small children forced to act but the dedication they put is really amazing, something the elders have to learn from.


So this was a list of tag lines we thought would match the shows, just let us know what you feel.