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11 mind blowing facts about THE VILLAIN will surely add up to your expectations


Dr. Shivanna and Kichcha Sudeepa starer "The Villain" is one of the most awaited movies and the makers of the film is creating a lot of buzz about it. Since the start, the movie team is dropping hints one after the other, every little piece of information about the movie is going viral over the internet.

Well, this shows how hight the curiosity level of Shivanna and Sudeep’s fans are getting. Just as an add-on, we bring you some interesting facts about "The Villain". No, there are no spoilers but the facts will definitely leave you restless for the movie.

1. Big Budget, Big Expectation

The villain, one of the most anticipated movie of Indian cinema. A multistarrer movie by Prem and his team, has spent almost 45-55Cr for the entire film. It's believed that, The Villain is the second most costliest film after Kurukshetra. 

2. Inauguration of “The villain” was done by “HIM”

The film was launched on 13th December 2015 by Siddaramaiiah, the ex Hon. Chief minister of Karnataka.

3. "The Villain" has Bollywood's legendary actor's debut

With the support of the Producer, V. Manohar, the team was successful to get a Bollywood Superstar to be a part of “The Villain”. He is popularly known as Dada, “Mithun Chakraborty”. The team planned to keep this as a secret but failed to. 

4. The film has nearly 1 hour of graphics in it

We hear that, graphics is the most prominent part of the film and the whole duration of it is believed to be nearly an hour and the amount spent on it is 8Cr. 

5. “Villain” has already broken many records set by previous films

Though The shooting has ended recently on 22nd June, the satellite rights and Hindi dubbing rights has been sold out for a record price. It's heard that, the satellite rights has been sold for 7.3Cr and the dubbing rights was sold for 5.4Cr. In addition, Kichcha Sudeepa's teaser has clocked almost 4.4M+ views which is believed to be the fastest Kannada teaser to reach 4M views on YouTube.

6. “No promoting the movie while shooting is going on”

Everyone knows about Prem's gimmicks to promote his films, but for Villain project, Sudeep insisted Prem for not to market the movie while it is in shooting stage. Sudeep advised him that it is not right to create an unnecessary hype about the movie during its early stage.

7. The teaser release by "The Villain" team was first of its kind in Sandalwood

The filmmakers encashed the fan frenzy around the upcoming film for a noble cause. In a first, the teaser launch of The Villain was made a ticketed event. The teaser was released on June 28th of 2018 by Hon. Chief Minister of Karnataka Shri. H.D.Kumarswamy in G.T. Mall of Bangalore. The makers had played the teasers on all the screens at GT World Mall in Bengaluru. The ticket had been priced at Rs 500. The proceedings of the event was used to support the medical expenses of senior filmmakers AT Raghu, AR Babu and other members of the Sandalwood, who are in need of financial assistance. The teaser of Sudeepa has clocked 4.4M+ views on YouTube, whereas Shivanna's teaser has clocked 2.4M+ views. 

8. Shivanna's fans started #BoycottTheVillain campaign on Twitter

We all know, Century Star Dr. Shivarajkumar has a wide fan base in Karnataka. But the super star’s supporters were reportedly furious after the release of the teaser of their hero's next movie. The fans had pointed lot of mistakes made by the filmmakers, which they believed to be a great insult to Shivanna and had also warned that they won't keep quiet. Then finally Prem stepped out officially and asked the fans not to divide the Kannada Film Industry. 

9. High remuneration for both the actors

Being one of the most anticipated multi-starrer movie, a very huge sum have been paid to the the actors. As per sources, the remuneration for Kiccha Sudeepa is about 5Cr and for Shivanna it is 4Cr.

10. The remuneration for Prem, Arjun Janya and Amy Jackson will blow your mind

The same source says us that, the remuneration paid for the director Prem is 3Cr, for Arjun Janya it is 1Cr and finally the remuneration for the British beauty Amy, the filmmakers have paid 3Cr.

P.S : We are not sure about the remuneration figure, we've updated what we have heard!

11. "The Villain" gets a release date 

After years of anticipation, director Prem has finally set a release date for the The Villain. He plans to release the film on August 24, on Varamahalakshmi festival.