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5 Mistakes Of Duryodhana Which Caused His Defeat!

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Duryodhana, the main character of the most popular Hindu epic Mahabharata and eldest among the Kauravas, the hundred sons of King Dhritarashtra and Queen Gandhari. Being the crown prince of Hastinapur, he was fierce and never believed in the miracles of Lord Krishna. Duryodhana is derived from two Sanskrit words: ‘Du’ meaning difficult and ‘Yodhana’ meaning to fight, as a whole which meant difficult to fight. 

So, that was just a brief introduction on Duryodhana. Now, let's move on to the main plot of the article. 

Below we've listed the most important mistakes that Duryodhana had committed before dying.

1. Not Convincing Vidhura To Fight On His Side. 

During the discussion about war strategy in the Kaurava camp, Duryodhana refused to have Vidhura lead the army and also insulted him by saying that, he was from नीच caste. Vidhura was angered by this and said “Duryodhana, you have belittled me. I will not take part in the war. ” So saying he broke his bow and arrow and left the camp in a huff. 

Frankly saying, Vidhura being on his side could have been the best strategist, even better than Krishna. 

2. Not Making Ashwatthama The Commander In Chief. 

Ashwathama was furious after Drona’s death. It was almost impossible to stop Ashwatthama's fury. But he wasn’t made the commander in chief till 18 days of Kurukshetra war, event Kaurava’s army had three alive warriors. This was gross underutilization of Ashwathama’s capabilities. If in case, he was made the commander in chief by Duryodhana, victory would have been very easily obtained to Kaurava's army. 

3. Angering Karna by making Bhishma the main commander. 

Karna did not fight till he was made the chief commander of the entire Kaurava army after the death of Bhishma, because of ego clashes. This could have been avoided if the army was divided into three equal parts and completely assigned to three cheif commanders, Karna , Bhishma and Ashwatthama, the three undefeatable warriors. 

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Each one would give their best with their troops and it would have been almost impossible for the Pandavas to sustain the wrath of the three war Gods. 

4. Choosing Bhima for Gada-yuddha (But that's what heoroes do) 

During the Gada-yuddha, despite his proposed advantage over Yudhishthira, ArjunaNakula, or Sahadeva with the gada, Duryodhana picks his nemesis Bhima. Instead of Bhima, if he had chose any of the other Pandava, he could have definitely won the battle. But, he chose Bhima just to maintain his pride, and this take by Duryodhana reflects that, his intention wasn't to win the battle but was just to uplift his pride by choosing Bhima. 

5. Letting Karna get caught alone by the Pandavas. 

Karna, the greatest warrior ever born. He is Parashuram's most favorite and most powerful disciple. He is cheated by many, including Gods because, all of them feared for his strength and skill. 

In the Kurukshetra WarKarna is Duryodhana's greatest champion. He sincerely believes that Karna is superior to Arjuna, and will defeat his four brothers. But, the biggest mistake that Duryodhana did during the Mahabharat war was, he left Karna all alone to fight against the Pandavas, which became very easy for the them to get rid of Karna. If in case, Duryodhana had kept an eye on Karna and his army, then definitely Kaurava's army would have been unstoppable. 

Later, When Karna is killed, Duryodhana mourns his death intensely, even more so than the death of his own brothers and was inconsolable.

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