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6 Deadliest Curses On Raavana That Will Blow Your Mind!

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Everyone out there knows that, in Tretaa Yuga it was Lord Rama who had killed Lankaadhipati Raavana. But, very few people know that, his death was caused even because of curses that he had received in his entire lifespan. It is also belived that, because of these curses Raavana's descendants were also eliminated.

Out of many curses, below we've listed 6 most important curses which might have been one amongst the main reasons for the destruction of Raavana. 

1. Curse Of King Anarnay

There was an absolute majestic king in Raghuvansh whose name was Anarnay. When Raavana had stepped out to win the world, he met Anarnay and there was a fierce battle between them. Although King Anarnay lost his life in the battle, but before dying he had cursed Raavana.

Curse: Raavana will be killed by a man born in Anarnays' lineage.

Later, Lord Rama took birth in Anarnays' lineage and killed Raavana.

2. Curse Of Nandi

Once Raavana went to Kailash mountain to meet Lord Shiva. At the entrance, Raavana made fun of Nandi as a poor animal and laughed at him. In anger, Nandi cursed Raavana.

Curse: Monkeys will become a prime reason for Raavana's destruction.

Later, with the help of monkey king Sugriva, Sri Rama destroyed Raavana. 

3. Curse Of Vedavati 

When Raavana was travelling on his Vimaan, he saw a beautiful woman worshipping Lord Vishnu. Impressed Raavana, pulled her hair and ordered her to go with him. But Vedavati denied his order and sacrificed her life on the spot, and cursed Raavana.

Curse: Raavana will die because of a woman.

4. Curse of NalKubera 

When Raavana had stepped out to conquer the world, he had visited heaven, where he saw an apsara named Rambha. He got attracted towards her and caught her to fulfill his lust. Despite Rambha's warning, Raavana didn't listen to her and fulfilled his lust. As soon as NalKubera came to know about the same, cursed Raavana. 

Curse: If Raavana tries to touch a woman without her consent, his head will get cut into 100 pieces.

5. Curse Of Shurpanakha

Vidyutjinn was the husband of Shurpanakha, Raavana's sister. He was the senadhipati of Kalkay's army. Even Raavana was Kalkay's best friend, he attacked Kalkay's Kingdom and killed him badly. As a result, Vidyutjinn attacked Raavana, but unfortunately couldn't succeed and finally died in the hands of Raavana. Looking at this cruel attitude of Raavana, Shurpanakha cursed Raavana.

Curse: Shurpanakha herself will be the reason for Raavana's death.

6. Curse Of Maya

Once, Ravana had schemed against his wife’s elder sister Maya too. Maya’s husband Shambhar was the King of Vaijyantpur. One day, Ravana went to meet Shambhar. There, Ravana trapped Maya in his “Wakjal”. When Shambhar came to know about it, he imprisoned Ravana. At the time, King Dashrat attacked Ravana. Shambhar died in the battle. When Maya decided to kill herself after her husband’s death, Ravan asked her to go with him. Then, Maya cursed Ravana, saying, "It was your lust which made you trap me, which is why my husband died."

Curse: Raavana will die due to a similar reason.

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