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7 Cool Facts About Real Star Upendra’s HOLLYWOOD Movie That You Had No Idea About!


Kannada movie Hollywood ( Story by Upendra) was made at a time when robots were a pretty new concept. Even the more popular English movie I Robot was not made at that time. Though movies with similar concept were made before ( like Bicentenial Man) it was pretty much new to Kannada (probably even Indian) audience. It was relatively unknown among non- Kannadigas that there has been attempts in Kannada even before Enthiran on the same theme. The man vs machine concept of that movie was earlier dealt in a lighter way in this Kannada movie.

However nobody actually gave the respect it deserved at the time of its release as they could not relate to the creative thinking of Upendra and the movie remains under-rated!

Below we've listed 7 Rarely Known Facts About "Hollywood" movie, and requesting you to please go through all of them and SHARE it, if possible!

He Acted In 3 Different Roles.

Namma Real star, Upendra avru 3 roles alli act maadiddru.  Hosa prayatna-dondige Surendra, Upendra and US-47 emba paatrakke artha needidru. Intaha vichitra hagu vibhinna reetiyalli “Hollywood”, movie-annu namage bharjariyaagi neediddaru namma Uppi.

Entire Movie Was Shot In California.

Entire movie-na director Dinesh Babu avru California dalli, Anant Nag Mattu Lakshmi ennuva Manga-na jote (voice given by Ramesh Bhatt), haagu bere supporting actors jothe shooting maadidru. Vishesha andre heroine aagi iddiddu 'Felicity Mason' emba Australian actress.

UPENDRA Was the FIRST INDIAN ACTOR to Portray the role of an Android Robot in a Lead Role.

Namma hemmeya Upendra avru India-da first actor, story writer, to potray the role of an Android Robot in a lead role. Avara thinking-ge avare saati. Real and different! 8 years aadamele S. Shankar avru ide concept itkondu "Endhiran" anta movie release maadi yashassu galsiddu nimgella gotte ide.

While Uppi was working on this film, he had heard that S. Shankar was also planning a film themed on robots!

Uppi avru helo prakaara, Hollywood chitra shuru maado sandarbha-dalli, S. Shankar avru kooda ide concept ittkondu Tamil alli ondu movie maadbeku ankodiddare annodu Uppi kiwi-ge beelutte. Idanna keli Uppi avru ee project na kai bidodikke nirdhaara maadiddrante. But, S. Shankar avre Uppi avrige neevu project na continue maadi, namm project tumbaa delay aagutte andiddrante. Heegaagi, Uppi avru matte ee project na kai-getkondrante.

It Bashed The Box-Office By Becoming A Bumper Hit With Awesome Gross.

Hollywood movie bharjariyaagi hit aaythu. 2002 ralli terekanda ee chitra 3.8 Koti hana-na galsitthu. Janara manasannoo gedda chalanachitra emba hemme gittisikonditthu.

Even Tollywood People Were Influenced By This Movie And Remade Into Their Language.

Namma buddhivantana prayatna nodi, aa sandarbhadalli edee desha namma Sandalwood-natta tirugi nodittu. Ee “Hollywood” prayatna nodi “Heegooo Sadhyave??” endu acchari pattavaru halavaru. Avaralli namma pakkada Tollywood industry kooda ondu.


Intaha masterpiece movie-ge appreciation jote jote-ge kelavu awards kooda labhiside. Pramukhavaagi, Karnataka State Film Awards 2002-03, Special Award (Technology Adaptation). 

"Hollywood" movie is definitely a different and unique idea! What if, it's continued? Can we support? 

We will Promise our support to such a wonder. If everyone joins the voice, then let's ask Uppi for another Gem. Shall we?? 

So, Comment your opinion on Hollywood-2 !!

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