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7 Interesting and Lesser-Known Facts about Tiger Prabhakar that no TV channel has told you!

Written by SIDDHARTH.

He is himself a tiger. He is Prabhakar. 

“Tiger,” this word brings the memories of him whenever Kannadigas hear it. He, whose unique acting skills and dialogue delivery won millions of heart in many languages. Popularly known as 'Tiger Prabhakar’. He was Devil for Villain roles and King in positive roles as well.  Such an actor's journey shouldn't have had ended like that. But it is the reality!!

The name itself consists the roar of tiger. In Most of his movies his roles are negative. It was his first few days where he was known to be a better negative character. Rude face, huge moustache, curled hair and fiery eyes. Just like Vajramuni, he too was better known as Villain. 

He was another Vajramuni of Kannada industry.

However, a fine actor cannot stay as a same kind of role. He then had a chance to prove that he is never less in any other kinds. Before revealing his life story, let's know about steps of his journey.  65 years ago in a place called Sagara in Shimoga, Prabhakar was born. He belonged to Pilleyar caste. 

His father Sundar Raj had his own cycle shop. His mother Dabora, though she wasn't, by the influence of Catholics before Independence had to be a Catholic herself. Sundar Raj and Dabora loved each other and got married. As a shadow for their love, they had a daughter Lalita as their first child. Then Prabhakar' as their second and third, though was born couldn't live long. 

He was Hindu earlier, but then Catholic. Still he loved all Religions.

People say that the surrounding environment helps the growth of child mentally. Similar thing happened to Prabhakar. Though his family were slowly converted to Catholics they were Hindu earlierly. So then they were devoted to all religions. Most probably that made Prabhakar to love all religions. 

He never knew Kannada!!! But he then was Badshah of it!

Prabhakar spent his childhood in Nasar quarters in Frazertown of Bangalore. Though they were financially very weak, they afforded to admit him into English convent school. He is most loved by his Mother. By her love and care he gained a huge body and then that lead him to build his kingdom in film industry. As he used to talk Tamil in his home, he didn't had better fluency in Kannada. But thereafter he loved Kannada and learnt it so precisely that audience were very keen to hear his dialogues. 

His hands sculptures tasty Non-Veg dishes.

Many of them doesn't know that he was a great cook. Especially in non-veg foods, his hands would just create magic. Chicken, mutton biryani was his specialities. To maintain his Huge body and health he was going to the Gym. Once even when he had high fever he never missed the Gym.

Persistency brought him a bullet.

He was too persistent in some things. Though his family was depended on his father's cycle shop and was not financially good. He asked for a bullet bike for him. Everyone denied but by his persistence, he got his bike.

He started his career as a clerk in Agricultural Institute. 

His sister passed her 2nd PU and started working as waitress. He, who was wandering the city with his bullet bike, started to work as a clerk in an Agricultural Institute. He was not satisfied to work between 4 walls. At the same time he fought with the institute owner and he was removed from the job. His mother then groaned to the owner and brought the job back to her son. 

The black clouds filled his life there on.

Though he used to drink alcohols late night at bars, he would never miss to have dinner in his home served by his dear Mother. Similarly once when he was high on alcohols at midnight, he was returning to his home with his bike. On the way, he lost the balance and fell into a gutter. During this incident, his leg got fractured. He was then found by night best police of that area and was admitted to St. Martha's hospital. There doctor asked for some additional fees as black.

Soon then doctor realised that they can't afford for it, ferociously stitched Prabhakar’s legs. That lead to the cut of some arteries and continuous bleeding. To stop it, doctor applied some bandages and neglected it. But still bleeding never stopped, Prabhakar then realised that this was because of shirk behaviour of the doctor and shouted at him one day. 

As a result, the Prabhakar consulted other doctors, they were successful in stopping his bleeding, but no one thought that this might lead his life to DEATH.

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