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First Day Of College: Expectations VS Reality

College life!!! Well, the golden era of one's life. Those care free friends, first day first show movies, those small fights and a thousand daily crushes. Well, college life is everything like everyone says it is, but you have to experience to in your own way.

Since ages films, elders, our brothers and sisters all have created a image of college life, especially your first day of your college is something which is supposed to be the most memorable one. But time will teach you that the last days are the ones that will stay in your heart forever. 

Here are a few first day of college expectations we have and what actually the reality seems to be,

Expectation: First day is always meant for Raging!

Reality: As they portray in the films, ragging is supposed to be cool as some of the so called "cool seniors" rag you in front of the whole college. Well that doesn't work that way. Securities and lectures will be in search of such misconducts happening in the campus. In hostels it's bound to happen but on your first day of college, just forget it.

Expectation: Love at first sight is bound to happen

Reality: Movies have always shown that for every boy there is a girl who is waiting to be approached. Well, it doesn't work that way, no girl will be expecting you to go talk to them, especially not the seniors unless you are super hot, which you obviously will not be on your first day of college, so take your own time pal.

Expectation: Mass bunks will be common from now

Reality: This concept of mass bunk rarely exists in college life because there will always be one or two snitches who would have taken oath that no matter what they won't bunk a single class, so basically even if a few students stays back it never will be a mass bunk. (These snitches will surely have a special place in hell)

Expectation: You will meet your "GANG" 

Reality: If you think you are going to meet your so called "gang" as soon you enter college then you are absolutely wrong, unless you have your old friends in the same college. It takes time and gradually you surely will. (Trust me, I met my gang in my 3rd year of engineering)

Expectation: Now you can bunk as much as you want

Reality: College life - you are free, you can do whatever you want... These are very nice to hear but in reality even if you bunk a few classes you'll have run behind lectures for attendance shortage.

Expectation: No need to study in college

Reality: Not necessarily, but you might have to study your ass off atleast a day before your exams if you want to pass out of the college before your kids get ready to Join the same college. So, think properly. 

These are a few realities out of many, about college life. But trust me it's worth every struggle. 

The lessons you learn, the friends you make, the time you enjoy it's all for your lifetime and you are never getting it back. So even from the first day of your college life make sure you make it worth the while.