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HERE IT IS! Check Out The Probable List Of Contestants Of Bigg Boss Kannada Season 6!

Be it Kannadada kotyadipati or the latest Sixth Sense, none of these reality shows create as much as craze and hype as "Bigg Boss" creates. 

Just a few months has passed after the 5th season of Bigg Boss and already the guessing of the next season contestants has started. 

Here we have collected a few names that has been running around in social media for quite some time who are likely to get into the "Bigg House".

1. Vijaya Lakshmi

The Nagamandala fame vijaya Lakshmi's name had been running around from the last 2 seasons and even this time her name has made it into the probable entry list.

Rumours say that she had turned down the offer in the previous seasons, so let us wait and see if she makes it to the house this time.

2. Ranjni Raghavan

The "Puttagowri" fame Ranjni Ragavan is also in the probable entry list, but as the actress is busy in her serial now, we don't know whether she is ready to leave it behind and enter Bigg Boss.

3. Neha Shetty

The chocolate girl herself, Mungaru Male fame Neha Shetty was never seen in any Kannada films after her debut. Let us if she will make a come back to the industry through Bigg Boss this time.

4. Naatya Mayuri

One of the most common judges for most of the dance shows organised by Colors Kannada, may also enter Bigg Boss this season.

5. Rapid Rashmi

The social media sensation, throwing questions at celebrities like fire balls and making them nervous- that is Rapid Rashmi for you. Will she get a chance to throw her fire balls inside the house?? let's wait and see.

6. Ravi Shankar Gowda

The "Silli Lalli" fame Ravi Shankar Gowda has also made into the probable entry list this season. With Paapa Paandu also coming back after so many years, 90's kids will be pleased to see him also back in the small screen again.

7. Radha Hiregouder

The news anchor from BTv is also in the probable entry list. After Sheethal Shetty and Rehman, we may also get to see one more news anchor in the show.

8. Aniruddha

Son-in-law of Dr Vishnuvardan sir is also said to have made it to the probable entry list, we have to just wait and watch if it is really true.

9. Nirup Bhandhari

After the controversy of Rajaratha, actor Nirup has much more to say other than what the social media had to say about him and his brother.

10. Chandan Achar

Kirik Party fame chandan Achar is also said to be in the list, even though the actor is quite busy with his new projects, we have to wait and watch.

11. Chenappa

The winner of sa re ga ma pa reality show may also enter Bigg boss, even though he is busy with his debut film now, we may see him in the small screen once again.

12. Dimple Queen Rachitha Ram

One of the busiest actress of Sandalwood, whose films are queued up and are getting ready. Even keeping herself busy in small screen industry, we have to wait and watch whether she has time to join the Bigg Boss show.

13. Achuth Kumar

Well versed in his profession, a great actor himself may also make his appearance in Bigg boss this time.

14. Prithvi

The lead actor of the film "Nanu Mathu Varalakshmi", is also said to be in the probable entry list this season.

15. Muruli

The Ogarane Dabbi fame Muruli is also in the list. If he ever makes it to the show then other contestants need not worry about the food as long as he is there.

16. Thulasi Prasad

The self proclaimed nightingale of Karnataka is a recent sensation in the social media. With his negative hype, we have a strong feeling that colors channel will approach him to join the show.

So these were a few Names that is running around. If you come across any other names please do let us know through the comments section.