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Why Always Heroes? What If.. Our Iconic Villains Have Epic Love Stories?

When there’s conversation between”Love” and “hate”, Hate challenged love that, I'm there with both Heroes as well as villains. But, you (love) live only with Heroes. Always ‘positive’ with 'positive'. But ‘negative’ with both 'positive' and 'negative'. 

So, ‘love’ argued that even Villains have their own love stories. That's why, on “love's” choice we had to bloom up this idea.

Hence, Let's see, how “Love” has proved itself.

1. Armuga 

Context : A new young teacher comes to his Adda. Which makes his devotees to call that teacher as “Athige” (sister-in-law) and treat him as her husband. 

Proposal: Attempts to flirt that new teacher. He meets her in her school. He stands in front of her and then, "love-e illa antha merithiddavnige love andre yenu anta thorisidd Narasimha naanu." Further adds, “Promotion kottiddu nim department-e aagurbahudu, adre ee oorina college-ge transfer maadsiddu naanu.. Yake shock ayta?? Aagirlebeku... Aglebekunta taane naanu ninna preethistirodu.”

“Saroja!! Allalla.. Meenakshi!! Alla.. Geetha!! Alla.. Savita,” and she replies, “Nan hesru Padma.”

2. Kanwar

Context: He met his dream girl while he was playing with his knife. She was his neighbor's daughter. 

Proposal: When he was dealing with a big Don, his neighbor Kamala's daughter comes in between and asks, “Kanwar, chai Beka?” So he replies “Kutthe Kanwar nahi, Kanwar laaal bolo.” She gets angry and walks out. Later he comes and asks, “Yaake Bulbul… Mataadakillva?” So, she replies, “Kutthe..Bulbul nahi didi bulaao.”

3. Baala 

Context: While going with Agastya, he saw a girl going to college. He goes flattered by her beauty and decides to confess.

Proposal: “Time pass-ge flirt maado hattthu hudugiyerginta hrudaya iro oblu sikkidre saaku. Aham Na kattittu nann preeti-na oppko.” She get's confused and turns towards him. He continues, "Enaadru bekiddre helu, Agastya eddane, ella nodkotaane..” She smiles and leaves the place.

4. Saahukaara

Context: A girl named Gowri, always neglects Saahukaara. But Saahukaara loves her beauty and decides to propose her. Hence, he goes to her house. 

Proposal: When he goes to her house, she won't invite him in. So he says, “Bagilige Banda bhaktanannu aadarisadashtu alakshya, Gowri endu koogidaroo kanbittu nodadashtu nirlakshya”. But she doesn't care and moves in. However, not every love story has a happy ending.

5. Daali

Context: Always, while going to purchase his cigarettes and drinks, he sees her in a shop. But then he gets nervous. But, after some days, he decided to speak and propose her in his own style.

Proposal: He introduces himself to her and she too does. She was busy listing all the items she require. So, Daali asks, “Nim list jothe Nam list-annu haakbidi. Yakandre neev purchase madidre dealer kadevru, navu maadidre 3rd person agtivi.” He then adds, “Nange obba friend idda, avnige preethi belsu, hrudaya belesu andre kelilla... Eeesht udda gadda belsidaane **#$!%%# maga”. He finally proposes her, but she denies. He says, “Nan friend Chitte-nu haage, kadime mataadi jasti kelasa madodu.” She asks what work he does, he replies “social service." He then with great pride says, “Dictionary-li preethi padakke Daali antha bardiratte, hog check maadu.” She smiles, and continues her work.

Finally, “love” won the challenge and our hearts. Don't you think?