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You Will Love Karna After Reading This!

Who was Karna?

Karna was Kunti’s eldest son who was born with the blessing of Lord Sun before her marriage. He later came to be known as Surya Putra Karna. He was born with golden earrings and a body armour as a symbol that he was born to be undefeated. He is one of the unsung heroes of the Mahabharata; despite being an unfortunate prince ever since his birth is the greatest warrior of Mahabharata. He fought and achieved all that a man could aspire to have. His character in Mahabharata has an endless eminence because he teaches how can one present himself better than the fortune and bring about everything with rock-hard strength of mind.

Who was Arjuna?

Arjuna is one of the major characters and heroes of the famous Hindu epic, the Mahabharata. The third of the five Pandava brothers, Arjuna was a master archer who played a pivotal role in the conflict between the Pandavas and their adversaries, the Kauravas. Arjuna was the son of Indra, the king of the celestials, born of Kunti, the first wife of King Pandu in the Kuru Kingdom. Arjuna was equal to 2 maharatha class warriors.

So, that was just a brief introduction to both the heroes of epic Mahabharata. Now, let's move on to the main plot of the article.

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1.  After the Bhargavastra was withdrawn, the battle resumed. Arjuna returned to the battlefield.

2. The 2 foes Karna and Arjuna faced each other once more. To witness this great battle between the greatest of all the heroes, heavens opened up.

3. All beings from all the higher relams appeared in the sky. There appeared all the Devas, Celestial Rishis, Apsaras, Gandharva and all the beings in the higher relams.

4. The asuras and beings from all the lower relams also appeared and assembled to witness the battle.
5. Both Pandava and Kourava forces stopped their fight and assembled on their respective sides to witness the battle.

6. As the battle started, the warriors on the battlefield and the Devas in heaven watched the battle in speechless amazement and terrified.
7. Admiration of the strength and skill of these greatest of warriors, Karna cut the string of Arjuna's bow many times.

8. As the battle intensified, Arjuna pushed back Karna's chariot 10 steps backward everytime by the energy of arrows, but Karna was only able to push Arjuna's chariot 2 steps backward. Seeing this, Lord Krishna praised Karna and admired his skill and strength.

9. When questioned by Arjuna, Krishna said it's impossible for any human ever to push his chariot backwards because of the chariot of Arjuna contains both Hanuman and Krishna, this holding the entire weight of the universe. Even to shake the chariot is an impossible task and Karna is pushing it 2 feet by the energy of his arrows.

10. Krishna said no human ever had or ever will attain this feat as it is impossible even to shake the chariot containing Maha Vishnu.

11. The epic states that initially, the battle was even between the 2 foes, but then Karna's chariot wheel was trapped in mud as a result of the curse which he had received from a Brahmin. He still defended himself, but at the crucial moment, forget the incantations to invoke Brahmanda astra, as a result of his guru Parashuram's curse. Karna got down from his chariot to free the wheel and asked Arjuna to pause.

12. But Krishna spurred Arjuna to attack Karna against the rules of engagement of the war, and enraged Arjuna attacked Karna while he was trying to lift his sunken chariot wheel. Karna defended himself and invoked Rudraastra, hitting Arjuna on his chest. Swooning, Arjuna lost his grip on his Gandiva, which fell down from his hand for the first time.

13. Following the rules of engagement of war, Karna didn't try to kill the unconscious Arjuna but instead tried to utilise the time in extracting wheels of his chariot.

14. Arjuna recovered and using the Anjalika weapon, decapitated the weapons less Karna, who was still trying to lift the sunken chariot wheel. Though it was highly forbidden according to rules of engagement of the war to attack a weapon less warrior or to attack an enemy from the back.
15. But Arjuna attacked Karna from the back and killed him as suggested by Lord Krishna 😢

16. It was later revealed that Karna could be killed only when all the 3 curses acted together up on him, and this made Krishna employ deceit to kill Karna.

17. It's said that, Duryodhana never shed a single tear drop for any of his real brothers, but when his beloved friend Karna was salin, he was inconsolable.

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