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10 Vintage Comedians We Would Love To See Back On Screen

By: Shraman Jain

During 90's, We'd some comedians who made us laugh like hell. But, unfortunately we miss them, because none of the filmmakers are giving chance to these gems. Literally we feel bad for this. However, here's a small try remembering them, as a token of respect for making us laugh in our childhoods.

1. Doddanna

Sangliyana chitra dalli antagonist paatra da moolaka Kannada Cinema Industry ge kaalitta Doddanna, CBI Shankar chitra da moolaka full-time comedian aadru. It's been quite a long time we've seen him in movies. 

2. Mukhyamantri Chandru

Politician aagidda Chandru avaroo kooda antagonist role through Kannada Cinema Industry ge kaalittru. During in 80s, 90s he was the most sought comedian in the industry. But even if he is seen here and there in few films, we truly miss him as a comedian.

3. Umesh 

Umesh avaru yellarigoo comedian aagi gurutisikondiddu "Shruti Seridaga" chitradinda. Abbhaa, yen acting avardu aa film alli. Even today we enjoy watching it. He is an amazing gift Sandalwood has, but unfortunately no one is utilizing him and his talent nowadays.

4. Dwarakish

Ace filmmaker Dwarakish avaru kooda gurutisikondiddu comedian aagi. He as a comedian in early Kannada films was like an ice cream with a cherry on the top of it.

5. Tennis Krishna

"Maramman Discu," ee dialog Inda sikkapatte famous aagiroru namm Tennis Krishna. He ruled Kannada film industry for two decades. 

6. Komal Kumar


Right now Komal avru lead actor aagirbahudu, but frankly saying, we all love him to see in comedy roles. Avra comedy Na nododikkanta theatre ge Jana hogtiddru. He is such a beautiful actor, gives complete justice to whatever role is assigned to him. Currently, we haven't seen him back on screen for years. However, let's wish him all the best.

7. Bank Janardhan 

"Tharle Nan Maga" film moolaka limelight ge banda Bank Janardhan, evattigoo famous aagirodu 'Shhhh' chitra'dalli madiro Police Officer role inda. Even people remember it today.

8. Biradar

Biradar avru Kannada cinema'galalli beggar role maadi sakkat famous aagiddare. Actually, Biradar anno hesru kelidd takshna avru maadiro beggar roles galu kanneduru barutte. 

9. Mandya Ramesh

Theatre artist turned comedian Mandya Ramesh avru ondu kaaladalli sikkapatte demand idda comedian. Rural Kannada dalli dialogues Na audience'ge eshta aago tara deliver maadodralli ivru sikkapatte expert.

10. Honnavalli Krishna 

Versatile actor Honavalli Krishna is also a well known comedian in Kannada films since four decades. 

There many others whom we’d love to see on screen, but unfortunately they left this world. Here’s remembering a few of them, Narasimharaju, Balkrishna, Musuri Krishnamurti, Dheerendra Gopal, Kari Basavaiah, and a lot others.