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11 Talented Kannada Directors Who Also Became Actors


Acting annodu sulabha'da maatalla bidi, adu nimgoo gottirbahudu. It requires a lot of dedication, talent as well as skill. But, acting'ginta ondu tooka jaasti kashta andre adu definitely direction. Adikke ansutte, director na Captain Of The Ship anta karyodu. Ee Acting - Direction erdoo maado capacity iro talented personalities bere industry reeti namm Sandalwood'nalloo iddare, who have struggled for the growth of Kannada Film Industry. 
We here by, bring the best directors turned out to become the most successful actors in the industry.

1. Kashinath 

Kashinath is very well known for his talent, humbleness, dedication, as well as double meaning dialogues. He has directed in 5 films, acted in nearly 50 films. His best movies are Anubhava, Atitigalu, Shhh, Ajagajantara and others.

2. Upendra

A very well known personality in Indian Cinema. He is a trend setter. Before he made his debut as a director, he acted in Kashinath's Shhh!! His noteworthy films are Om, A, Super, Upendra, Uppi2 and others.

3. Yograj Bhatt

Yogaraj Bhat, known for bringing in a new wave of freshness in Kannada cinema, Yogaraj is also noted for introducing fresh talent  Having started his career in the entertainment industry as the screenwriter and director for the TV series Chakra (2001), Yogaraj subsequently forayed in the film industry and made his directorial debut with Ranga S.S.L.C (2004), and eventually rose to fame with his venture Mungaru Male (2006), which turned out to be one of the highest-grossing films in the history of Kannada cinema.

4. S Narayan 

S. Narayan is a veteran actor, writer, composer, lyricist, director and producer who is known for his work in the Kannada film industry. He made his directorial and acting debut with Chaitrada Premanjali. The movie was a big hit and launched his career, both, as a director and an actor. His best movies as a director include several remakes like Ravi Mama, Galate Aliyandru, Surya Vamsha, Simhadriya Simha and others. S. Narayan was so lucky that he had grabbed the ippuve of directing superstar Dr. Rajkumar's last movie Shabdavedi.

5. Pawan Kumar

Pawan Kumar is very well known because of his movies such as Lucia, UTurn and Life-u Ishtene. He has also acted in these films, as well as Inthi Ninna Preethiya, Circus and Mr Garagasa. He has a theatre background too. Latest movies in which Pawan Kumar has acted are Gultoo, Gultoo and Badmaash.

6. Guru Prasad

Guru Prasad is a director, a director who depicts realistic story line in his films. is a scientist in the Hindustan Lever but he chose to follow his passion and enter the film industry. Guruprasad also acted in films like Mylari in 2010, Kal Manja and Hudugaru in 2011, Whistle in 2013 and Karodpathi in 2014.

7. Pawan Wadeyar

A promising new-age director of KFI, has given blockbuster movies Govindaya Namaha, Googly and Rana Vikrama. He marks his debut as a male lead in Preeti Geeti Ityadi.

8. Prem♥️s

Prem became director in 2003 with Kariya, a gangster romance film starring Darshan in the lead. Later he directed Excuse Me and Jogi, turned out to be a blockbuster hit in Sandalwood. Following three back-to-back super hit films, Prem tried his hands on acting besides directing the film Ee Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide in 2008. Later he acted in movies such as DK, Prem Adda, and Dasvala.

9. S Mahendar

Working in the industry for more than two decades, Mahendar made his directorial debut in 1992 with the movie Pranayada Pakshigalu. He has since then directed several movies such as Thayi Illada Thavaru, Snehaloka, Asura, Ninagagi, Gandana Mane, and Mahakali. He also directed and starred in the movie Gattimela in 2001.

10. T S Nagabharana

A pioneer of parallel cinema, T.S. Nagabharana is a National Award winning Indian director and screenwriter who has won several national and international acclaim for his 34 Kannada films that he has directed over four decades.

11. Om Prakash Rao

Prakash Rao has directed about 25 films in Kannada language. Rao made his film directorial debut in 1994 film 'Adhipati'. He also made his acting debut in 2002 film, 'Dakota Express'. Latest movies in which Om Prakash Rao has acted are 'Thatana Thiti Mommagana Prastha', 'Mandya Star' and 'Girgitle'.