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7 Unbelievably Brilliant Kannada TV Serials No One Is Watching Right Now

Adondu kaala ittu, Mane mandi yellaa ottige kootu serial nodoru. But eevagloo bartive kelavu serials'galu.. Yappaa devre! Avugalanna nodiddre Mane mandi-yinda heg'hege, yaav yaav angle'alli doora agbahudu annodanna sakkattagi helkodtaare. Ashte all'de, crime'galanna heg'heg madbahudu, maadbittu sikkaakondaaga yen helbeku, hegella design design aagi suicide madkollbahudu, innoo hattu halavu vidye'galanna free aagi helkodtaare. Adella bittaki, evaaga cycle gap alli, namm Kannada'dalli TV serials-gala itihaasadalli bandiro The Best serials'galanna list maadiddivi.

Ee list alli actual Best Serials'galu illdenoo irbahudu. So, requesting you guys to please let us know, which are the Best Serials that we've missed. Just Comment maadi :)

Paapa Pandu 

‘Pa Pa Pandu’ is a comedy series that sketched the life of Pa Pa Pandu whose wife dominates in his life. Paachu Shirmath plays the role of an ideal homemaker in this serial. Sihi Kahi Chandru directed this serial and was telecasted in ETV Kannada, presently known as Colors Kannada. The series was super hit and had run for 1014 episodes. 

Silli Lalli 


'Silli Lalli' is a sitcom that aired on ETV Kannada. It was directed by Vijaya Prasad and produced by his Final cut production company. The series is about Vittal Rao, a doctor, and his family's day-to-day lives. Often one or more of the family members encounters trouble and the family works together to solve it. 



‘Danda Pindagalu’ was a television serial that was directed by H. S. Phani Ramachandra, who is a well-known television director. He has directed this classic TV serial and became famous with this serial. The reason for this serial to get famous as the serial had portrayed the middle-class family’s struggle. 

Paduvaralli Paddegalu


’Paduvaralli Paddegalu’ was a comedy-drama show that aired on Suvarna. The show used to air daily on the weekdays as a part of its primetime programming at 10:30 pm. The show was a spiritual successor to the hugely popular ‘SSLC Nan Maklu,’ that ran for almost two years on the channel. It was a part of the channel’s effort to diversify and provide comedic content to the viewers. The show was Directed by veteran actor, director Master Aanand.

Moodala Mane


‘Moodala Mane’ was a Kannada teleserial that was telecasted on ETV Kannada. It was directed by late Vaishali Kasaravalli. It is the first Kannada mega serial that was directed by a professional woman director.


Mayamruga is a TV serial in Kannada directed by director T. N. Seetharam and telecast on Doordarshan, features Malavika Avinash and MD Pallavi among several other television and film actors.

Mukta.. Mukta..

'Mukta.. Mukta..' is a tele-serial directed by T.N. Seetharam, explores issues such as those involving the Naxal, farmers, and the medical system. The unique impact of these serials is caused by the way the stories can be modified to reflect current issues and events.

source: Instagram