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Friendship Day Special - 10 All-time Best Friendships Of Sandalwood


On this special occasion of Friendship Day, Lets take a look at some of the most famous friendships in Sandalwood. 

• Vishnuvardhan and Amabareesh

They are very well known as Kuchchukus. Both met on the sets of their first film Nagarahavu, became close friends, lasted till the end when Dr. Vishnuvardhan passed away. This is one friendship that lasted forever.

• Kichcha Sudeepa and Darshan Toogudeep 

Both haven't made a movie together, but still they're great friends and their friendship is referred to the friendship of Vishnu Dada and Ambi's friendship. No need to mention about the recent development that occurred in their friendship, but we, everyone are looking forward to see them reunited. Isn't it?

• Dr. Shivaraj Kumar and Dr. Upendra 

As we all know, Shivanna's blockbuster film 'OM' was directed by Real Star Upendra, established Shivanna and Uppi as superstars of the industry. Since then, they are very close friends and the same is being continued till date.

• Yash and Puneet Rajkumar

Appu and Yash are very good friends. Many times Appu has admired Yash's dedication towards his films, Yash confessed that he is a great fan of Appu. They have been seen in many of the events together.


• Sharan and Nanda Kishore

Both Sharan and Nanda Kishore were good friends since from their childhood days. Sharan gave Nanda Kishore a chance to direct him in the film "Victory," which became a super hit film, helped Nanda Kishore to establish in the industry.

• Rakshit Shetty and Rishab Shetty

Rakshit and Rishab knew each other even before Rakshit's debut film "Tuglak". The movie didn't get a good opening, but still Rishab had strongly believed that Rakshit could be an actor and play a lead role. The failure of Tuglak at the box office made them best of pals. Later they worked together on many short films. In an interview, Rakshit said, 'Those were days I couldn't afford a single meal as I had no income and Rishab, was back to his day job in the construction business. He would pay the bills for all the breakfasts, lunch or dinner we had together and mind you, we were together almost all the time.' And today they both are the most promising stars of the industry.

• Ganesh and Duniya Vijay

Both are the best example for "Hardwork Always Leads To Success". They both are self-made superstars. They knew each other long back even they before they bagged stardom. According to a source, the two actors used to look at movie posters and tell each others that one day they will adorn such posters.

• Chikkanna and Kuri Prathap

Both are the best comedians of Sandalwood we have today. Chikkanna is now a comedian in demand for films, where as Kuri Prathap is shining bright on small screen, here and there in movies as well. Both have worked together both in comedy shows and also in films. 

• Sruthi Hariharan and Shraddha Srinath

Both have been close friends for a long time. The two were seen in the movie Urvi. Both are perfectionists, super talented and both have worked / are working in other industries as well, a proud thing for Sandalwood.

• Ashika Ranganath and Manvitha Harish

Both actresses are currently the talk of the town. Both are soo cute and even very talented. Both are closest friends and they are having loads of fun whenever they are together. We hope to see the two in a movie together soon.