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Heroines Who Got A Dream ‘Debut’ That People Will Remember Forever!


Here's a list of Heroines Who Got A Dream ‘Debut’ That People Will Remember Forever:

Rachita Ram — 2013

She started her career with a bash in “Bulbul” along with Challenging Star Darshan, a big turning point in her life.

Shraddha Srinath — 2016

Shraddha got a dream debut in a super hit movie, “U-turn”.

Shwetha Srivasthav — 2013

Actually, Shwetha had started her career through “Cyberyugadol,” but unfortunately not many know about it. She became a familiar face to our audience through Simple Suni's “Simpllag Ond Life Story,” where she acted opposite Rakshit Shetty. Hence, we've considered SOLS as her dream debut movie.

Radhika Chethan — 2015

An ultimate hit given by Nirup and Anup, popularly known as Bhandary brothers, “Rangitaranga” gave a great start to the career of Radhika Chetan.

Samyuktha Hornad — 2011

“Lifeu ishtene” was a movie which gained people's appreciation and had also given a better start to “Samyuktha Hornad”.

Rashmika Mandanna — 2016

She is known to be State Crush, yes, she is Rashmika Mandanna. A Super hit blockbuster, “Kirik Party” with Rakshit Shetty introduced Rashmika to the film industry.

Aishani Shetty — 2014

A good hit with Jaggesh and Rakshit Shetty gave a good start to Aishani. Yes, we're talking about “Vasthu Prakaara”.

Ranya Rao — 2014

Kiccha Sudeep's “Manikya” gave a better recognition to Ranya Rao.

Radhika Pandit — 2008

Most appreciated and a worth watch movie, “Moggina Manasu” gave an ultimate start to the career of Radhika Pandit. 

Samyuktha Hegde — 2016

“Kirik party” was a dream debut for many actors in it. Including Rashmika, Samyuktha Hegde too has sculptured her career after this blockbuster.