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Remember Nivedita Jain? These 15 Unknown Facts About Her And Her DEATH Will Shock You!

Nivedita Jain, a popular Kannada actress during the 90's, who met with the fate of falling from the roof. She was born on 9 June 1979 Bangalore, was a beauty contestant. She was crowned Miss Bangalore in 1994. She made her debut as actress in 1997, died on 10 June 1998. 

Let's explore some more unknown facts about Nivedita Jain in the list given below. 

1. Nivedita had always wanted to enjoy the extremeness of life

She was born to an Assamese mother and a Jain father on May 17, 1979. She had always wanted to enjoy the extremeness of life, both joy and sorrows. And practically too, she enjoyed both joy and sorrow.

2. The year 1994 was a biggest turning point in Nivedita's life


Jain was crowned Miss Bangalore in 1994 which was an asset for her to make an entry into Sandalwood.

3. Nivedita Jain started her career when she was 16

Jain started her acting career as early as when she was 16. She was approached by the Rajkumar's home production in 1996 with a two-film offers. 

4. Nivedita made her acting debut with Shivaranjani

Soon after she was crowned Miss Bangalore, Rajkumar's production house approached her with a two-film offers, out of which the first was Shivaranjani, a dream debut of Nivedita Jain in which she bagged an opportunity to act opposite Raghavendra Rajakumar.

5. Her second film was with Dr. Shivaranjkumar

Her second release was Shiva Sainya opposite Dr. Shivaranjkumar, released on 26 April, 1996. This film was a big hit, which helped Nivedita to ground safely in Sandalwood. she began to get offers from many other production houses. 

6. Later she made a cameo in Amrutha Varshini 

If we remember Nivedita Jain today, the evergreen hit Amrutha Varshini is one among the main reason. She made a cameo appearance alongside Ramesh Aravind in the film, which helped her to get noticed. 

7. Jain has also acted in a Tamil film

Yes, Nivedita also played a vital role in the Arjun Sarja, Tabu starrer Tamil film, Thaayin Manikodi. 

8. Majority of her films were released in one year


Nivedita had earned name, fame, money, etc in just one year after she entered to the industry, but unfortunately she was not so lucky enough to enjoy what she had earned. Her brief career came to a swift end when she died the following year. 

9. Nivedita was given the title of ‘Love Goddess’

Earlier, she was given the title of ‘Love Goddess’ after she acted in a Kannada film "Prema Raaga Haadu Gelathi" which released in 1997.

10. She had intended a return to modeling

Since her last few films had not done well, she had decided to contest Miss India beauty contest. But, the fate had decided something else. The decision she had taken became totally a curse for her life. Want to know how? Check out the next point.

11. Nivedita fell from the terrace of her 35 ft high two-storeyed house

On the night of 17 May 1998, practicing catwalk in preparation for the Miss India beauty contest, she fell off the parapet wall of the terrace on the second floor, from a height of 35 feet, of her home located in Rajarajeshwari Nagar suburb of Bangalore. This resulted in serious head injuries. 

12. Nivedita lapsed into a coma, and for 24 days remained on life support

According to a source, on 19 May it was reported she had briefly regained consciousness but remained incoherent and her condition was considered critical. She lapsed into a coma, and for 24 days remained on life support in Mallya Hospital, Bangalore, as doctors skilled in general medicine, neurology, homeopathy, reiki and mahikari treated her for severe head injuries and multiple fractures.

13. When Nivedita was hospitalized, her father renamed her as Rinki

As per report of a leading daily, Jain's father Capt. Rajendra Jain renamed her Rinki, in the hope that this would bring good fortune and help her recover from coma. An affidavit was duly made and advertisements in all local dailies announced the comatose actress' change of name.

14. Nivedita died on June 10, a day after she turned 19

On June 9, ironically Nivedita's birthday, friends gathered at her bedside and sang 'Happy Birthday'. Poojas were performed at various temples all over South India, food served to 500 orphans and leprosy patients in an effort to appease the gods. But all was in vain. At 11 am on 10 June 1998, she was declared dead by the doctors :(

15. Her death is still an unsolved MYSTERY

According to a leading daily, Nivedita's parents initially maintained that Nivedita fell from the terrace practising a dance sequence before dinner on May 17. Later, they changed their version claiming she slipped while practising the catwalk preparing for the Miss India contest. But the police registered a case of unnatural death and insisted the body be sent for post mortem. Some people say that, her mother totally wasn't interested in Nivedita's decision of returning to modelling. Hence many believe that she was pushed by her mother from the second floor when she was practicing the catwalk. There's also a rumor that, since she was into politics, due to some or other reason a famous, influential politician has murdered her. Nothing has been confirmed by the CBI board or neither any clues.

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