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SIIMA 2018: Here’s the nomination list for BEST ACTOR Award! Who do you think will WIN?


SIIMA promises to be an event that film lovers across the world would sit up and watch with bated breath. Getting together stars from four industries with scintillating performances and mesmerizing acts, see who takes home the award, while creating yet another milestone with SIIMA. 

The organisers of SIIMA 2018 took to Twitter and confirmed that the prestigious ceremony will be held on September 14 and September 15 in Dubai. They also revealed the nomination list for the Telugu and Kannada movies. 

Let's concentrate on very important categories, today we'll be going with "BEST ACTOR" category. And, yeah tomorrow we'll be dealing with "BEST ACTRESS," so please do watch this space for more.

Here goes the nomination list for "BEST ACTOR - KANNADA, 2018"


In the film MUFTI, Shivanna played the role of ruthless don Bhairathi Ranagallu, who became a don for the sake of providing justice to the villagers. 


Puneet in the film RAJAKUMARA played the role of Siddharth, who is the adopted son of rich couple Ashok and Sujatha, fighting for his native country's pride, he is a kind-hearted guy who helps anyone in need.


MUFTI has Srii Muruli playing the role of a police officer, who tracks down and confronts an underworld boss Bhairathi Ranagallu, played by Shiva Rajkumar.


Suni directorial film CHAMAK has Ganesh, who plays the role of Dr.Kush, a gynecologist, who likes to chill with his friends. He has the fear of marrying someone who would make him compromise his freedom.


BHARJARI has Dhruva playing the role of Surya, an orphan youth, gets a chance to join military, but decides to help a girl and her family.

Here's the link to cast your VOTE:

So, now tell us who should or will win the title "BEST ACTOR - KANNADA, 2018" and WHY?! We love to know your opinion. Hence Feel free to share it in the comment box!

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