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Top 9 Movies That Prove Director’s ‘Second Films’ Are Always Crucial


We have heard a statement that states "First Success Is Luck". Yeah, that may be true! But, what about the Second? We must agree that, the Second depends purely on the talent and effort. In a same way, Second Films Are Crucial. So, here we have listed some of the directors second films which have already released and some are yet to. The list is limited to new-age directors as it's difficult to list down All directors.

1. K.G.F 

K.G.F is the most anticipated movie in Indian film industry, not only because of Yash, but also because of the Director Prashant Neel. His previous film, Ugramm was a blockbuster hit and had set a trend in Sandalwood. The film even helped Sri Murali to get himself under limelight.

2. Thugs Of Malgudi

Because of his cult film "Ulidavaru Kandante," actor, director Rakahit Shetty's next directorial film is expected to be "Thugs Of Malgudi". There were few rumours that, the film is shelved, but Rakshit denies them and says, the film will definitely  be made and there not be any second thoughts about it. In addition, Kiccha Sudeep says the same. So, we expect the makers to kick-start and complete the film as soon as possible. What say?

3. Lucia

If there's a reason why Pawan Kumar is so famous and successful as he is now, it's because of his second film 'Lucia'. Lucia was definitely a new genre to Indian cinema and we're glad that it was been made in Sandalwood. Thanks to Pawan. And yeah, he is super talented.

4. Rajakumara 

This movie came from a man (Santhosh Anandram) who directed "Mr. & Mrs. Ramachari". Rajamumara is a kind of film nobody expected in Sandalwood. We're really proud of Rajakumara film.

5. Kavalu Daaari

Hemanth M Rao, the man who introduced a whole new genre to Sandalwood through "Godhi Banna Sadhaarana Mykattu," and gave a ray of hope to the budding filmmakers that such experimental genre works with our audience. Thanks to Hemanth for introducing us to such a beautiful movie. Now, Hemanth has made his mark in Sandalwood, his second film "Kavalu Daari" is being bankrolled by Power Star Puneeth Rajkumar.

6. Kirik Party

This movie is directed by Rishab Shetty, who is also an actor, Producer. He had proved himself in his directorial debut, Ricky, a complete new concept for Sandalwood. He switched the genre for his second film and opted campus entertainer movie, Kirik Party. This movie has set a new benchmark in campus-romance genre, which no film of that genre can even reach it in near future. Do you Agree??

7. Googly

Rocking Star Yash was a brilliant, talented actor. But he came into a proper limelight where whole Indian Cinema industry started to recognize him because of the film "Googly," directed by Pawan Wadeyar, whose directorial debut was "Govindaya Namaha". Even "Googly" helped the director to showcase his talent and helped him to grab the call sheet of Appu.

8. Ondalla Eradalla

D. Satya Prakash, the director of "Rama Rama Re" is back again with a strong subject with whole new cast. And as per the details available on the internet, this film is completely different from "Rama Rama Re".

Your Turn!

This list of  is curated by Filmibee Team. If you think that some important Directors are missing in this list, then you can add the name of them in the comment section of this page.

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