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Why Hasn't Mt. Kailash Ever Been Climbed Yet? Is it because of THIS popular myth?


You probably known the way that the beautiful Mt. Kailash in Tibet, has Neven been climbed by any mountain climber. We have even heard the stories of how no one has possessed the capacity to achieve the summit of this un-climbable pinnacle. 

Here are a portion of the facts of the most mysterious mountain.

Mt. Everest is 8,848 meter in tallness and its summit has been as of now scaled by very nearly 4,000 individuals. While Mt. Kailash is 6,638 meter in stature, yet it's summit hasn't been scaled till date. 

As indicated by Hindu sacred texts, Lord Shiva dwells on Mt. Kailash alongside his better half Parvati, which is arranged under Vaikunta. Actually there are few spots in India that support the presence of Lord Shiva. But, people have ventured on those spots, aboded by Lord Shiva. 

On the off chance that we simply glance back at the history, In 1926, Hugh Ruttledge, an English government employee and mountain climber, alongside Col. R. C. Wilson had made an endeavor to climb the incredible mountain. Going with them was a Sherpa called Satan, three invested sizeable energy around the mountain. Ruttledge considered the North face of Kailash to be 6,000ft high and called it Completely Unclimbable. What's more, Col. Wilson asserted that, when he was walking to the summit of the mountain, substantial snow started to fall, making the climb unthinkable. 

History expresses that, there were a few endeavors made to vanquish the mountain, nobody has been fruitful in the undertaking. 

Till date, the explanation for the same has been told as Shiva's living arrangement on the Mt. Kailash has made it unclimbable, and individuals too are excited in trusting it. 

The last recorded endeavor at climbing Mt. Kailash was when Chinese Govt. had offered authorization to a Spanish group to climb the crest in 2001. In any case, it was extremely contradicted by many across the world whose religions trust that Kailash is the holiest.

What's more, so as an end note, I'd wish to live an oblivion on this!

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