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11 Kick Ass Movies Of Kiccha Sudeepa That Prove He Is The Real Trend Setter

By: Sharath Byloli

Many actors may come and go in the Kannada film industry but a very few of them will manage to stay in the hearts of the people forever, and one such personality is our own “Kichcha Sudeep”. Sudeep is no doubt one of the most talented actors in the industry and his fans given name “Abhinaya Chakravarthy” ( King of Acting ) says it all. Today, we are going to tell you about the movies that transformed Sudeep Sanjeev into Abhinaya Chakravarthy.

Here are the Top 11 movies that defined Abhinaya Chakravarthy and the films are in order starting from sudeep’s career, we have not rated any movies as we feel that fans have their own films in their hearts to define their super star.

1. Sparsha

Even though the film did not make much in the box office, but this film will always have a special place as this is the film that introduced sudeep into kannada industry as hero.

2. Huchcha

The film that gave the first break to Sudeep and the first film to bring him his own fan base in the industry, Sudeep had hit a six in his second film itself.

3. Swathi Mutthu

A beautiful film that made the industry to look towards Sudeep.

4. Ranga SSLC 

The second directory film of Yograj Bhat was cult movie, even though it was not a big hit in the box office, it was a hit film for that time.

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5. My Autograph

This film that was directed by Sudeep himself was a block buster film and sudeep showed the industry that even non commercial films could be a super hit film.

6. #73 Shanthi Nivaasa

Even though this film failed in the box office, but it made the critics look towards sudeep for his acting and a new try as a director himself.

7. Mussanjemathu

A film that has a thousand messages to the audience and also a block buster in the box office. It was very rare back then for a content film to hit big in the industry and sudeep showed it to be easy.

8. Phoonk & Phoonk 2

The film that introduced Sudeep to the Bollywood and the film was directed by Ram Gopal Verma, this film brought a lot of fame to Sudeep even out of Karnataka. Even Big B- Amitabh Bhachan has praised Sudeep for his acting in this film.

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9. Eega

The film directed by Rajmoli, showed the world the true potential of Sudeep. He showed just assuming a fly in front of him and acting seem so easy, but only the people who are into acting will know the true struggle of that. 

10. Vishnuvardana

Even though the film was into a lot of controversies before its release, but the film was a super hit in the box office and its songs are still trending.

11. Kotigobba-2 

To carry and maintain the legacy of the legend Dr vishnuvardan is not that easy, as Kotigobba was Vishnu sir’s film, there was a lot of expectation for this film and box office report shows that sudeep has done his job perfectly.

These were the few films that we thought has defined Sudeep’s career to its best, if you feel we have left out any of the films then please let us know in the comment section.

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