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13 Indian Superstitions And What They Actually Mean

Neev nambiteero, bidteero, In India there probably are as many superstitions as there are languages. Eddru, kootru, magidru, adene madiddru there is something for everything. 

By: Shraman Jain

Nann prakaara Superstitions are Stupid. Avugaligella thale buda ne illa. Faith irbeku, but not blind faith, alwa?

I mean, tying lemons and chillies to something or touching wood can ward off evil spirits ante, haha.. how on the earth it is actually possible?? And, how is a black cat crossing your path can affect your life? And to get this point across, we've listed 13 Indian superstitions and what they actually imply:

1. If a black cat crosses your path..

It means the black cat is going somewhere in a hurry.

2. If you get a house on the 13th floor..

It means you're all set for a lot of cardio.

3. If you a get a haircut on Tuesday..

It means that, the people will complement you on Wednesday.

4. If you cut your nails after sunset..

It means you took forever to find the nail cutter.

5. If you open your umbrella inside the house..

It means your roof top is leaking like anything.

6. If you hang a lemon somewhere..

It means you can have impromptu vodka shots.

7. If you sneeze before you do something auspicious..

It means you should probably carry tissues.

8. If you have have sugar every time you're doing something special..

It means you're  in for an early case of diabetes.

9. If menstruating woman enters the temple..

It means she is very religious.

10. If you walk under a ladder..

It means someone is whitewashing their walls.

11. If someone calls you from behind..

It means you have actually forgot something.

12. If you break a mirror..

It means you won't be seeing your reflection for a while.

13. If pass the salt to somebody..

It means the cook hasn't added the salt in right proportion.


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