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6 Mind Blowing Facts About ‘The Villain’ Revealed By Prem

Movie buffs of Karnataka has lot many questions, doubts, and curiosities about 'The Villain'. Luckily, Prem himself has answered to all those questions and doubts. Prem, who announced the release date of the film on September 13, as a treat to all Shivanna and Sudeep fans on Gauri Ganesh festival.

The film will be released on October 18th on the special occasion of Dasara festival. Shivanna, Sudeep and Prem fans are already preparing to celebrate Dasara. Well, what are the things Prem has clarified? Crawl down to read them all.

'The Villain' Release Date Has Never Been Postponed

"There were lot of technical works in the film. And, the graphics, the effect, the music, the content has taken too long. I never announced the release date anywhere before. I promised that, I will announce it on Ganesha festival and I've done it. So, there will be no questions regarding postponement of the film."

Yes, My Movies Are Always Delayed, And There's A Strong Reason Behind It : Prem

"People say, Prem movies are always delayed, and I agree with them. Yes, the film should come well. First me and my team must be satisfied. Then only we can present the film to people with courage. Or else how can we? Hence, the delay happens."

The Film Has Unpredictable Climax

"Some of my well-wishers have already watched the film, and they were totally surprised to see the emotional episode at the climax, because they were expecting me to complete the film with a massive fight episode. Presenting two big actors on screen is not at an easy task. I had a vision, and I've worked based on that vision. Having two massive actors onboard, I could have easily finished off the film earlier with 2-3 massive fights, khadak dialogues, and few songs. But I didn't want that to happen. I had a purpose and I wanted it to be served."

The Duration Of The Film Is 3Hr 10Mins..

"The whole duration of the film is three hours and ten minutes. However, we trimmed a fifteen minute episode. My movies usually have a long duration. Here, I just have not gone through the story, also concentrated on the content. The censor officials said that, we didn't feel that it is a three hour cinema. The content is strong, so definitely the duration won't be a considerable thing here.

This Is How 'The Villain' Got U/A Certificate

''The censor board asked me to trim few visuals. Actually, there were no such thing as obscene, rude, scary and cruel. In some of the fight episodes we've used blood, the censor officials pointed over it, but I told them, that's not real, it's CG. In addition, there were some dialogues which the censor officials wanted me to mute them. I agreed, and hence they credited U/A certificate for the film."

'The Villain' To Release In 1000+ Theatres Across The Globe

"We have planned to release 'The Villain' in almost all the theatres of Karnataka. The film will be released in Kannada, Telugu and Tamil simultaneously. Hence, I can say that, the film will be released over 1000 theatres across India on October 18."