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“Ambi Ning Vayassaytho” Movie Review: A Neat Family Entertainer

After over a decade or so, we have got to see the rebel star on the screen as the main lead and he as always has upheld the expectations kept on him. A typical family entertainer which deals with the relationship issues between the father and his son. The cast boasts of very popular names such as Ambreesh himself with Suhasini, Sudeep, Sruthi Hariharan and many more, and this also plays a role in lighting up the slow paced movie to the next level.

There is not much to discuss about the story line as it is the remake of the Tamil film “ Pa Pandi”, written and directed by Danush. The film revolves around the present day problems faced by the children and the old aged parents, the misunderstandings, the fights and so on. Ambreesh who also goes through same phase decides to leave the house and take a bike trip and the plot of the film starts from here. Nothing much has been changed from the Tamil version except adding a local touch to the film, hence there is nothing to talk about the director Gurudatta Ganig, but pulling out such a film in the debut movie is no easy task either.

Ambreesh’s has given justice to his character and no where in the film we feel that he is acting, it has come out so naturally on the screen. Suhasini as always manages to bring that energy along with her on the screen. Sudeep plays the younger version of Ambreesh and he has done his job pretty well along side Sruthi Hariharan. The music was a hit even before its release and as always Arjun Janya continues to weave his magic with every film he does. The cinematography department have done a pretty good job, shooting some of the shots very beautifully. But at times the screen becomes a bit pale and we don’t understand whether it is the problem of the cinematographer or the editor.

Even though the film is a bit slow paced, but surely it is the film to watch with your whole family. The senior citizens are bound to enjoy this film remembering some of their good old days. Even after watching such a beautiful film and come out of the theatre, the one thing that bothers us is that “ why couldn’t such a good film be a swamake!!!”