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Big Breaking! Rashmika Mandanna Breaks Off Engagement With Rakshit Shetty!?

* Shraman Jain

'Kirik Party' fame, State Crush Of Karnataka, Rashmika Mandanna, who is the south Indian sensation since her first film. Rakshit introduced her to Sandalwood, had likewise paired with Rashmika on screen, chose to end up as a real life pair.

A year ago, the families of Rakshit and Rashmika had decided to get hitched and formally confirmed the same through an amazing engagement occasion, held in Rashmika's native. Not long after the commitment, both turned out to be extremely occupied with their movies, subsequently chose to wed later. 

Rakshit got occupied with 'Avane Srimannarayana,' though Rashmika began sacking offers for enormous budget films, additionally began getting offers from Tollywood. 

What's more, today Rashmika Mandanna is the most busiest actress in Tollywood, who is on full request. Just with her second Tollywood film she joined 100Cr club. What's more, amid the arrival of her second Tollywood film, Geeta Govindam, gossip began to spread, saying that Rashmika and Rakshit are not sweethearts any longer. There was likewise a considerable measure of news about the two separating, and everybody trusted that it was only gossip. 

In any case, now another and solid breaking news has risen up out of a nearby wellspring of Rashmika Mandanna, to put a full stop to every one of these bits of gossip. 

Yes, as indicated by few reports of leading dailies, Rakshit and Rashmika has chosen to separate. 

Right now, Rashmika is occupied in Tollywood and has chosen to focus on films. There's additionally some kind of misconception among both the families, and thus both the families have consented to break the commitment. 

In the wake of conversing with the whole relatives, Rashmika and Rakshit has taken a troublesome choice about breaking the engagement. The senior individuals from both the families have given a nod to the choice, says a source. As of now, Rashmika's relatives have requested her to simply concentrate around her career, and not on marriage for sometime.