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Here’s The Chilling Story About The Bengaluru Witch Nale Ba

"ನಾಳೆ ಬಾ.. 👻👻"

By: Shraman Jain

Nenne taane Bollywood alli "Stree" anno horror film release aagide. Ee film na neevu egaagle nodiddre, attwa, film trailer nodiddre, you would know that it is 'based on a ridiculously true phenomenon'. 

Actually aa ridiculously true phenomenon is nothing but Bangalore's Naale Baa legend. Not only this, the films' director has concentrated on many myths similar to it from across the country!

Bangalore India's silicon valley aagoku munche, andre during 1990s period, there was a belief that the witch was roaming the streets of Bangalore during night, in search of her prey. It's believed that she would knock on the door and call the person to come out of the house. To make it more interesting, she would usually call the person in the voice of a woman, especially he is familiar with, like, in the voice of his mother, sister, wife. The innocent and clueless person would then open the door and die in the next 24 hours. This legend spread like wildfire, especially since the city hadn’t yet received the IT industry touch-up that was soon to happen to it. 

Sakkath interesting aagide alwa? But, namm Bangaloreans idanna heg stop maadiddru anta yochne madtiddiraa? Munde helteevi, odhi.. 

Actually Ee incidents galinda Jana sikkapatte sustaagi hogiddru. Ede time alli yaarobba haage summne "Naale Baa" anta avna door mele bardiddaa. Adanna bardiro dina, aa evil spirit patte ne illa. From then, everyone started to practice the same and fortunately it worked. The witch would leave when it saw 'Nale Ba' written outside the homes. Apparently, this was the only way to send the spirit back. 

As time went by, the story died out, and so did the witch of Nale Ba. Neev evagaa Bangalore alliro kelavu mane galanna nodiddre, avra mane door mele "Naale Baa" anno writings irutte. In fact, in certain places, April 1 is observed as Nale Ba day. 

Science has had an explanation for many such phenomena. Most of these, in fact, have been termed fraudulent. Kelavara prakaara, evellaa dacoits galu janaranna hedrisoke madtiddru anno maatide, inna kelavara prakaara, smugglers galu illegal activities galanna easy aagi maadodikkoskara, janaranna bhaya padsi, mane alle iro thara madodikke maadtiddru antanoo heltaare. 

Vipaaryasa andre, aa time alliddiddu bari DD channel maatra. Evagiro thara count maadoku kashta aagovashtu news channels galu iddiddidre, TRP goskara aadru ee vishya da bagge research maadtiddro eno..?! Alwa..??

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