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Here’s An Interesting Fact About The Legend Chi. Udayashankar That You’d Love To Know

By: Shraman Jain

Do you recall Kannada's renowned lyricist Chi. Udayashankar? He's extremely outstanding as 'Sarasvati Putra,' has penned in excess of 1000 songs for Kannada films.

What's more, here underneath we've revealed an intriguing thing about Udayashankar, which will influence you to go Amazing!

Udayashankar has penned eminent lyrics in every one of his melody, took him only 5 to 10mins to pen it! Wait, What?? 

Indeed, Udayashankar was continually composing lyrics in a piece of paper. At the point when the director presents his demand for a lyric with few required subtle elements, he would pen it for him and the best part was, the director would get befuddle to choose which lyric to choose among he gave. 

Udayashankar was composing lyrics rapidly. He had stated "Aadisu Nodu, Beelisi Nodu" in only 5Mins. "Naliva Gulabi Hoove" was penned in 10Mins. At the point when a director moved toward him for a lyric like a lovely Jasmine (Mallige) bloom, soon he composed a delightful melody — "Aha.. Mysore Mallige.. ". What's more, when a director had disclosed to him that, compose a lovely melody for us and ask anything, and we'll give you. The following minute he began penning, and that melody is "Yene Kelu Koduve Ninage Naaneega.." 

Astonishing, isn't it? It's not yet wrapped up. Read on to know a fascinating certainty. 

Presently, in the event that you think about the amount Udayashankar was charging for composing a lyric? Any rough guess? 

In reality, Chi. Udayashankar was charging only ₹200 for the melodies he composes. The cost was settled, and it even didn't differ for enormous spending movies also. Extraordinary Identity, isn't it?