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Lesser Known Facts About Vishnu Dada’s First Car That You Would Love To Know


Dr. Vishnuvardhan, a most popular star in the Kannada Film Industry. An actor known for his works predominantly in Kannada cinema. He appeared in over 220 films in Kannada, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Malayalam. He was called 'The Phoenix of Indian Cinema'. He made his debut in the 1972 film, Vamsha Vriksha, in a supporting role. The same year he played the lead role in Puttanna Kanagal's Naagarahaavu, and was recognized as the Angry young man of Kannada cinema. He has played a variety of roles in different genres. He was also fondly called as Sahasasimha and Abhinaya Bhargava by the people of Karnataka.

Have you ever wondered, which was Vishnu Dada's first ever car, that he bought for himself? And where it's now?

While in search of answers for above questions, we identified that, the car is currently in Dharmasthala. And, the important thing is, the car used by Vishnu Dada still considered as special, by placing it in prominent position.

Which is that car? Who is the current owner of that car? How did it reach Dharmasthala from Bengaluru?

The first car used by Dr. Vishnuvardhan is still between us. Yes, the Vishnu's first car is at Dharmasthala's museum.

During the launch of the museum, Dr. Veerendra Hegde visited Vishnuvardhan during and asked something to donate for the museum. Vishnu said, he would love to donate the first car that used.

The Datsun car used by Vishnuvardhan is still kept in museum. The car is a major attraction of the Dharmasthala Museum. If you ever visit the museum, don't forget to check the car with the number plate K 04 M 707.