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Net Worth Of Top 8 Richest Sandalwood Actors Will Blow Your Mind Away


Sandalwood having an era for each hero’s, there may be many debates regarding their fans claiming that their superstar is the richest in the industry. But according to the resources we have gathered the information regarding the net worth of some of the top actors of sandalwood. The list goes like this.


One of the top hero of recent times and one who has created his own fan base which is evidently much larger in a very short span of time. He is indeed an inspiration to many actors who dream to go big some day as even Yash entered into industry without any sort of film background from his family or friends. There were times for Yash when he had to struggle even for a days meal but today his net worth is estimated to be around 100Cr.


The goldenstar, who caries gold in his name itself. Even he is a self made superstar and we are all familiar with his history of how he struggled in the initial days, but today his net worth is also estimated to be around 100Cr.


The “NavarasaNayaka”, the king of comedy himself has an estimated property of around 100-120Cr.


The real star Upendra, having his own different fan base in the industry and also a self made superstar, the introducer of Cult cinema to the industry has a net worth of 100-150Cr.


The box-office badsha of the kannada film industry, who also runs his own production house has a estimated net worth of around 150-170Cr


Even though Sudeep comes from a rich background, he made sure to make his own name in the industry by himself. Having hosted many TV shows and also acting in other industries has brought him lot of wealth along with fame. He also owns a production house. His estimated net worth is around 200Cr.


The king of “long” and “Mucch” is also the king of lot of wealth, having recently starting a production house , he has a property of around 250cr.


The style king, Puneeth Rajkumar tops this list with a estimated net worth of around 300cr. He has a lot of property other than his own production house and audio production studio.