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Ravi Basrur is a caring godfather, says young and very talented music director Sachin Basrur

Interviewed by Vinayak Naik!

KFI is booming with music talents in recent times. We have catch hold of one such gems who has won over the audience and the industry with his impeccable talent and fresh genre of music. Today we have with us, Sachin Basrur. Read on as he reveals throughout the conversation - about his love for music, his journey with music and what it takes to be a great musician.

Tell us about your musical journey.

Music has a long history with my family. Many used to work as Yakshagana Artists before. But it was my uncle Ravi Basrur who first entered the Kannada industry. There were tough phases in my life as finances came as a constraint before my musical dreams. we couldn't afford Keyboards, but my dad somehow managed to gift me a PC during my 10th using which I started learning music. At one point, I had to take that hard decision of leaving my studies and head to Bangalore to assist Ravi Sir.

I have been assisting him in all his projects for the past 7 years. He is the best mentor and guide I could have asked for. 

Tell us about your initial projects

Idhu Nammuru (2015) was my first project. It was an ode to my hometown Kundapura. It was a huge hit and gave a major boost to my career.

What is music for you?

Music is literally everything for me. I have given my life and sweat to this and apart from it, I really don't know anything better! 

You have a great affinity towards Kundapura Music..

I have grown up listening  to the Kundapura language. I find myself expressing better when I am making music in my mother tongue.

And finally.. What is takes to be a great musician? Immense hardwork or undying passion for music?

Like in life, the key to be successful in this musical world is to have the passion and interest to learn.

Rapid Questions:

1. Which Genre of music you love to listen..

Depends on my mood but i prefer mostly EDM

2. Which Genre of music you like to compose..

I would obviously compose acc to the trend... but EDM type of music i would prefer to compose.

3. Fav song..

'Chanda chanda.'

4. In future with whom do you asspire to work...?

Only Ravi Basrur.. Since there are many more things to be learnt from him.

5. Who are your inspiration..?

A R Rahman and Ravi Basrur.

6. Future projects...

KGF, Bazaar, Rajannan Maga, April and there is also one tulu movie lined up.

7. Out of curiosity, when is KGF releasing..?

(Laughs) I also have no idea..