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These TWO Kannada Films Are Making Kannadigas Very PROUD!

By: Shraman Jain

All Kannada movie buffs out there, it's time to feel proud! Yes, the two latest released Kannada films are the reason why I'm asking you to feel proud. Sandalwood has a lot of different movies with great efforts. And, happiest thing is that they are being applauded and appreciated. In addition, they're standing out amongst the other films of neighbouring industries as well.

Now if you're wondering which are those films, go open the Book My Show app. Yes, I'm talking about the rating of "Sa. Hi. Pra. Shaale Kasaragodu" and "Ondalla Eradalla" at Book My Show app. These two Kannada films have more rating than Akshay Kumar's "Gold" and Vijay's "Geeta Govindam".

The rare and fantastic film "Ondalla Eradalla"  has 91% rating and is ranked first. The critics rating is also included with the user rating for the movie. Hence, the film's rating has lowered a bit.

"Sa. Hi. Pra. Shaale Kasargod' stands second with user rating of 90%. "Geeta Govindam" holds 87% and 81% rating for "Gold". 

We all need to support more for both mentioned films, so that the makers will get confidence to create such kind of unique films in upcoming days.