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What If... “The Villain” Gets ‘A’ certificate?

Kiccha Sudeep and Shivarajkumar's 'The Villain' is again in news because of the censor certificate issue. According to a source, the Karnataka Regional Censor Board has issued 'A' certificate to the film.

The source further adds, The Villain team has again approached the Committee, has requested a U / A certificate. So, it is still confidential that which certificate will be finally issued to the same.

However, it is not okay to give 'A' certificate to the film according to Prem. Meanwhile, the makers are worried that, if the film finally gets 'A' certificate, there will be major effects on the film. If so, what are those effects?

As we all know, two super stars are the part of the film. So, it is obvious to get a doubt that, why 'A' certificate? Actually, it is due to the high-profile action sequences and actress Amy Jackson. Shivanna and Sudeep are both gangsters in the film, and hence definitely there will be some whooping action episodes. And Amy Jackson has been very bold in some scenes. So, censor officials have decided to honour the film with 'A'.

If “The Villain” gets 'A' Certificate, definitely it'll have audience from a particular section, and obviously there will be no family audience come to watch this film. Hence, it'll be a immense loss to the makers. 

The 'A' certification will have great effects on the film, especially in the Box Office Collection. And, two superstars have been projected in the film and believing them, the Producer has spent crores on the film, expecting to make big earnings from the film. It's obvious that, both actors have huge set of fans out there, who'll definitely watch it at any cost. But still, the effects of 'A' certification are beyond all those possibilities.

In fact, Director Prem has experienced the same sort of situation during the censor of Jogayya. However, to gain family audience, Prem had agreed to mute and cut some episodes in the film to bag U / A certificate. Now, we've to wait and watch what Prem decides with respect to “The Villain”?

Yes, the most important effect is, none of the latest Kannada films of Sudeep has bagged 'A' certificate. Hence, will “The Villain” be Abhinaya Chakravarthy's first 'A' certified film?

Nevertheless, Prem is aiming to release the film on “Gowri-Ganesha” festival. Hence, he has to take the decision as soon as possible. So, let's wait to know what will be Prem's next step? And, yeah, will “The Villain” has a trailer release before the film release?