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11 Impactful Roles That Brought Out The Real Actors Within..


There is saying that says that “An actor is only as good as his writer”, and well we all know how true it is. There are a very few characters in the film that will always stay with us. Be it a negative role or a comedy, they will never fail to make an impact if written perfectly. But it’s not just the job of the writer to bring out the beauty of the character but mostly of the actor too, and there have been a very few characters that have helped the actors to bring out their true potential and show the world what they are really capable of.

Here we have listed 11 such characters that has brought out the real actors from within.


Ugram is a landmark film in the kannada film industry for two reasons, one for it had brought out the cult cinema back to the industry and second it showed what Sri Murali is capable of, and this film is what brought him the title “Roaring Star” and the character of “Agasthya” is also one of the reasons.

RICHIE (Ulidavaru Kandanthe)

Ulidavaru Kandanthe is indeed the pride of kannada film industry and it’ll take a long time to witness one more film of such cinematic class and the role of Richie is also one the reasons that the made the film what it is today and not to forget, the same character made Rakshit Shetty what he is today.

DOLLY (Tagaru)

Even though it was the film starring Shivraj Kumar in main lead, but Dananjaya had taken his acting to the next level as Dolly, and as he says, it was second birth for him in the industry.

PREETHAM (Mungaru Male)

Oh.. who does not remember that chubby hero who made the whole world cry with his acting and that day a new star was born in the industry and yes, it is our Golden star Ganesh. For a man who had struggled so much in the industry, finally had his good days coming and it was not by any luck but purely because of his hard work and dedication.


Not that we were unaware of Sai Kumar’s acting skills, but this character showed a different angle of Sai kumar that we had never seen, or maybe he himself had never seen. Thanks to the director-Anup Bhandari who gave us such a masterpiece.

PURMI (Operation Alamelamma)

Its not that easy for a hit director to do a film with a debutant as his hero, but Simple Suni showed the world that he did not need big names to make his film a block buster and all thanks to actor Rishi who did a splendid job as Purmi.

ARUMUGAM (Kempe Gowda)

There were many talks before the film that Prakash Rai himself had to do the role as no one else could do the role better, but after the film released the same critics said that Ravishankar had taken that character to the next level and that day the super villain of sandalwood was born.

DAANAMMA (Kirugoorina Gayaligalu)

It’s not that just the male characters inspire us, even female characters do in fact they are more likely to make an impact more than men, but unfortunately we don’t find much of those characters in kannada film industry and one such character is Daanamma played by Shwetha Srivastsav and her acting is just a treat to watch in this film.


Srinagar Kitty is in fact one of the top actors in the industry but his acting in saavari as Gaali Seena just stands out than the other characters played by him.


Playing two characters in the same film can be a challenging job, but Sathish Neenasam showed that it could be very easy and yet convincing that they are different. This film was a big break for Sathish after which his career jumped to a next level.

SONA (Edegarike)

One of the top, yet underrated films of the industry that is Edegarike and the character of Sona played by Adithya Singh takes the film to a different level.

Here were some of the characters that we thought had helped the actors define themselves, if you have any other characters in your mind, then please let us know.