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15 Sandalwood Actresses Whom We Are Crushing On Currently

By: Sharath Byloli

We all have had our part of crushes where ever we went, be it in our neighbourhood, our school or our college. Well, we do continue to have even now, be it you are single or you are committed but having crushes is a integral part of our lives right?… haha, I was kidding. You had crush on your neighbour or your classmates or not but you ought to have crush on our beautiful sandalwood actresses. You cant just help, resisting yourselves without having one. Here we have listed the Top 15 Sandalwood Actresses on whom we all have had crush in recent times. 

Rashmika Mandanna 

The serious senior who entered into our lives through kirik party with her versatile acting she just stole all our heart and has also been a proud owner of the title “Karunada Crush” and that says that all. 

Ashika Ranganath 

The new girl in the town and she is already taking the industry by fire. Debuted for a short role in Mugulunage and there was no stopping her after that. Her new song “chutu chutu” from Rambo has taken the industry and social media by fire. 

Shanvi Srivastava 

With her cute acting she grabbed all the attention in “master piece” and after that she has been on fire. 

Shradha Srinath 

With her tomboyish look she made her debut in “U Turn” and she just looked gorgeous along side Maddy in Vikram Vedha and her acting was critically acclaimed in her next project “Operation Alamelamma”. 

Sruthi Hariharan 

The Lucia girl who is as gorgous as her acting , has a lot of hits under her name is said to be working in a tamil film recently. 

Manvitha Harish 

That chubby cute little girl who stole everyone’s heart in “Kenda Sampige” and just took it to the next level in “Tagaru”. 

Rachitha Ram 

The new sensation of the kannada industry has been giving hit films one after the other.

Kriti Kharbanda 

The gorgeous “Googly” girl who has just entered the Bollywood and is making her impact there but deep in our heart she is still as fresh as we saw her in Googly. 


This gorgeous beauty just stole everyone’s heart in “Ugram” and is continuing to do so even now. 

Neha Shetty 

The Mangalore beauty, the chocolate girl herself was the talk of the town when Mungaru Male 2 was released and her fans are very eagerly waiting to see her in silver screen again. 

Shruti Prakash 

It was not just Chandan Shetty who was having crush on her when she was in the Bigg Boss, but the whole of Karnataka. She is all ready to make her debut to the industry now. 

Krishi Thapanda 

One more beauty of the last seasons Bigg Boss, her fans seems to have increased recently after seeing her on the big screen recently. 

Disha Madan 

Even though she is not a official actress of sandalwood but she has a fan following more than some of the actress of the industry. She ready to step into the industry through a web series “Hate you Romeo”. 


The Agnisakshi lead actress has already a few films in her name and has a huge fan following just for her dimple on her cheek. 

Samyuktha Hegde 

She might have been out of the competition due to some of her controversies, but its true that we all had crush on her for her cuteness and her acting when we first saw her in “Kirik Party”.