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Top 9 High Expectation Films Which Failed To Perform At Box Office!!!

Every film is an actor's & director's dream. The effort, love, dedication behind every film can never be understood by anyone, except an actor and a director. But, all those love, dedication, effort of months can be ruined just by negative reviews by critics as well as audience. But none will even bother about understanding the amount of effort, love, dedication invested by an actor and director upon the film. Most of us should understand that, commenting about a film is soo easy, but just once imagine yourself in the place of an actor or director, you'll understand everything!!

Ironically, some films are very good, yet, the audience doesn't like it. And, sometimes the box-office collection is good, the opinion on the film is worse. Even if opinion on the film is excellent, the film fails at box-office.

Such experiences has encountered to our directors and heroes as well. Those films have negatively disturbed them so much that, they haven't even tried to take up such projects again. 

Here's a list of movies which had raised high expectations on them, but unfortunately they flopped at the box-office.


Upendra made a film called Swastik in 1998, soon after tasting the success of 'Tharle Nan Makklu', 'Shhh', 'Om' and 'Operation Anta'. The film is about a terrorist, picturised based on reverse-screen play. Unfortunately, KANNADA audience didn't like it to that extent. But the film was totally brilliant. This cult movie is being appreciated by new-age audience. If the same was a massive hit, Upendra would have done many films based on such a brilliant thought. Meanwhile, hats off to Uppi for thinking of making such a cult movie, that too during 90's.


In 2008, Duniya Suri came up with a new experimental venture  'Inti Ninna Preetiya'. Kannada movie buffs accepted the film very much. However, the film did not make a good amount at the box office, but it turned out to be a noteworthy movie in the history of Sandalwood. Even it helped Suri and other technicians to come into the limelight. 


Hat-trick hero, Mass King Shivraj Kumar made the film 'Chiguridi Kanusu' in 2003. The film won the State Award in 'Best Actor' category. However, the film did not sound well at the box office and failed to create an impression among the audience.


Simple Star Rakshit Shetty's "Ulidavaru Kandante" (2014), one of the best cult movie ever witnessed in Sandalwood. Rakshit's efforts towards the film is appreciable. Even the Kannada audience loved the film, but did not benefit the producer. In terms of box-office, it wasn't so impressive. However, Rakshit's efforts and hard-work for the film has helped him to get noticed amongst other celebrities of the industry. 


Challenging Star, Box Office Sultan Daasa Darshan in 2003, made a cameo appearance in the role of blind man in ' Namma Preethiya Ramu'. He took a very risky move to look very similar like a blind man, and we must appreciate his dedication for the role. However, the producer did not get the money, but everyone praised the film. After this, Darshan didn't attempt to take up such challenging roles, the reason is unknown.


Sudeep's "#73 Shanti Nivasa," a 2007 release, didn't perform as expected both in theatres as well as at the box office. From then, Sudeep didn't try to take up any comedy films like the same.


Prems' "Joggaiah" is a prominent movie, sequel of superhit movie "Jogi". Joggaiah failed both in terms of Collection and Impressing the audience. If it was a blockbuster hit, Prem would have definitely continued making sequences of it. 


If you have observed, where ever Ravichandran gets a chance to speak, he usually speaks a few lines on his directorial venture 'Ekaangi,' released in 2002. Ravichandran had a huge expectation on this film. He had worked so hard for the film. Even people had showed interest upon the film before the release. But, unfortunately the film was total disaster, despite the likes of many. The lesson taught by 'Ekaangi' has made him to stop directing experimental flicks from then.


Ee Preethi Yeke Bhoomi Melide is a 2007 romance film directed, written and enacted by Prem. The film also features Rohini, Namratha and Sharan in other pivotal roles. Bollywood actress Mallika Sherawat appeared in a special dance number, while actors Ambarish, Sudharani and Vinaya Prasad appeared in brief cameo roles. The film had musical soundtrack scored by R. P. Patnaik whilst the background score was composed by V. Harikrishna. The film opened on 28 December 2007 to mixed reviews and performed badly at the box-office.